13 Different Things You Can Clean With LemonsWhen life gives you lemons, clean!

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7. Clean your microwave.

via ThriftyFun.com
via ThriftyFun.com

Do so by heating some lemon slices in a bowl of water for 30 seconds, then wipe down the inside of the microwave.

8. Degrease your BBQ.

via Women You Should Know

This is simple. You can do so by putting straight lemon juice on the grills and giving it a good wipe down.

9. Clean your drains by sprinkling some bicarb soda in the drain followed by some hot lemon juice and then hot water.

via tiphero.com

You can also rub cut lemon wedges around the sink for maximum cleaning.

10. Mix ½ a cup of borax and 1 cup of lemon juice to use as a toilet cleaner.

via Diy Home Life

If you don’t want anything to do with borax, you can substitute it with bicarb soda.

11. Make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing equal parts water and lemon juice in a spray bottle – great for kitchens and bathrooms (but patch test first!).

head The Green Head
head The Green Head

Also try a spray bottle of white vinegar with a small amount of lemon juice.

12. Clean tile grout by dipping an old toothbrush into lemon juice then give the grout a good scrub.

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The high acid content of lemon juice makes it very effective in cleaning away stubborn stains and discolouration.

13. Soak plastic food storage containers in a solution of lemon juice and water (about half/half) overnight.

via Cookistry
via Cookistry

In the morning, add a little bicarb soda and scrub, rinse and dry. Great for tomato sauce stains in the containers!

If you have any other suggestions, please share!


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