The Bathroom Sanctuary – Cleaning Your Bathroom VanityTips to make your bathroom so clean it will feel like you're in a hotel.

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In my house, the bathroom is my favourite room. It’s not just because it has a lock on the door either. To me, the bathroom is a place of sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax or wake up and refresh.

In order to maintain this serene space of luxury and indulgence, you also need to keep it clean. A relaxing bathroom is definitely not one with toothpaste splatter all over the mirror, lime scale on the taps and shower screen and wet towels and clothes strewn everywhere. One of the areas that will need attention is your vanity – your sink, your cupboards, your mirror and your splash back. So here are some easy tips on polishing this area with minimal effort required: 

The Bathroom Sink

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The bathroom sink can get a little grubby with dried up toothpaste, stray pieces of hair from hubby’s razor and makeup that hasn’t quite made it to your face. To clean the bathroom sink we use bathroom cloth.Bathroom cloth are a micro-fibre 2 cloth wet and dry cleaning system, delivering a streak-free shine! The first cloth used wet will remove grime, while the second cloth used dry will buff and shine, giving you the streak-free finish!

For stains that are a little harder to clean, coat the sink in a thin layer of Gumption and wait five minutes before wiping the area down.

The Mirror


Why, oh why are my mirrors always covered in toothpaste back splash? What is wrong with my children? Or my husband? Honestly! To clean your mirror use the bathroom cloth following the same method above.

The Splash Back 

via A Real-Life Housewife
via A Real-Life Housewife

Don’t forget the splash back! If your splash back is looking fairly clean, then use the same method as your bathroom sink – simply wipe down with Bathroom cloths. However, if you notice that your splash back has a bit of mould or mildew or other harsh stains, then give the Glass and Tile Magic Eraser a try. These are great for cleaning grout and tile but can also be great for wiping down splash backs and even walls in your bathroom. They effortlessly remove grime, dirt, even mould and mildew from those hard to reach cracks. 




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