12 Dogs On Instagram Who Have More Followers Than You Do

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12 Dogs On Instagram Who Have More Followers Than You Do

6) Vegas (@vegastheboston)

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Vegas is a Boston Terrier. A big guy with a little body and a great brother to Rory. It’s so sad that he already went to the Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with Lymphoma blood cancer. #RIPVegas

7) Trotter (@trotterpup)

summerpicnic | Stay at Home

Trotter is the ultimate diva. Her humans love dressing her up and her 202k followers love her looks! She’s an internet sensation and absolutely loooves Friday.

Hi I’m Trotter! Fat & sassy. Co-chair of the Princess Coalition with @evelyn

8) Yogurt (@yogurt_thepirate)

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This goofy one-eyed wonder is from Bangkok, Thailand. Yogurt lost her eye in an accident and goes to the vet regularly for checkups. This self-proclaimed pirate chihuahua is one hyper little thing – lots of adventures everyday. We recommend you follow her on IG!

9) Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang (@dagger)

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Dagger is a foxy pom and we think he is a little ball of delight! This little guy turned 8 this year. Fun fact: He flips out at the sound of water and he loves sunshine!

Dagger has been working overtime to share some of his bliss with everyone around him. We’re very thankful to have this little ray of light in our lives during rough & painful times.

10) Marnie (@marniethedog)

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Marnie is a 14-year-old NYC Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter at age 11. On her blog  it says that Marnie’s favourite activity is running up and down long carpeted highways. She likes smelling everything, most especially grass, exploring new spaces, long walks and lots of sleeping. She also doesn’t like baths (her old name before getting adopted was Stinky!) but what she truly hates is being left at home alone and it makes her really anxious.

Marnie lives every day exemplifying joy and gratitude. She is the most popular rescue dog on Instagram – with 2M followers! If you see her in the streets of NYC, please say hi.

11) Marutaro (@marutaro)

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Marutaro is an 8-year-old Shiba-Inu living in Japan who happens to have 2.5 million followers on Instagram. He is everything you’ll want in a dog: handsome, loyal, loving, friendly, obedient and most of all – fluffy! He is said to be the most popular dog on Instagram.

12) Baby Beckham (baby.beckham)

boredpanda 1 | Stay at Home

Baby Beckham is a 3-year-old  gorgeous Samoyed living in Canada. He is usually seen hiking and taking dips at mountain streams. If the dog can do it, you can, too! He has 28.2k followers who can’t get enough of his fluffy cuteness!

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