Ten Alternative Uses for Potatoes

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Ten Alternative Uses for Potatoes

Ahhhh, the good ol’ spud! Who doesn’t like a smooth mash, potato bake or some chips every now and then (or every second day of the week).These boring looking vegies are so unbelievably versatile that the list of culinary uses is virtually endless! Potatoes are so popular that people have migrated to other countries purely so they can enjoy the tastiness of potato all year round, and that was even before they realised they can make Vodka from it! Spuds are so popular there’s even a Potato Museum in Washington DC!

Check out our list of Top Ten alternate uses for the good ol’ Spud!

  • Grow Roses from cuttings! After adequately preparing your cuttings, push one firmly into the flesh of a potato and then plant as usual. The spud will promote rapid root growth and have your cuttings growing into lovely rose plants in little time at all. The best part is there’s no need to worry about removing the potato it just breaks down and acts as an extra nutrient in the soil!
  • Rubbing some raw potato onto berry stained fingers will take the discolouration right off!
  • Spud stamp paintings! I’m pretty sure that we all got at least some enjoyment out of it as a kid. Cutting our favourite shapes out of the end of a spud, dipping it in some bright paint and making all sorts of different pictures and patterns. Why not set it up and have a go with the kids. I bet they love it!
  • Safely and easily remove broken light bulbsUsing a Potato cut width wise place it over the broken bulb so as the tips gently push into the potato. Twist and voila, the remaining bulb and base will come straight out!
  • Minimise face wrinkles. Yep, that’s right”¦ use a slice of spud to wipe on those wrinkles and as it dries you’ll feel and see a difference in the skin!
  • Decrease bruising. After a hard knock, hold a thick slice of potato on the bump and keep it there until it dries if needed change to a new slice, keep it on the bump for 2O minutes and this will help or in some cases stop the bruising altogether!
  • Grated potato popped in a bag and placed on an injury like a foot injury can take away the throbbing pain.
  • Rub a slice of raw potato over the lenses of your glasses then wipe clean. They won’t fog up anymore!
  • Rust remover. Scrub down your rusty tools with a cut spud. The acid in the potato breaks down the rust and for an easy clean add some soap first. This also works well for any rust on your baking pans!
  • Grow more spuds! Leave some potatoes in a well-lit position for a few days so as they start to sprout then simply plant them out! Ensure the new growth is pointing upwards before covering them with soil though.

What other uses do you know of? We’d love to hear them!

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