10 Quick and Easy Healthy Meal Recipes for the Whole Family

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10 Quick and Easy Healthy Meal Recipes for the Whole Family

January is never the most exciting month of the year, with most people stuck in a slump after the fun of Christmas.

If you’ve spent too much during the festive season, finances might be tight too, leaving you facing the prospect of plain and unappetising meals.

The good news is that with a little planning ahead, it’s possible to create quick, healthy and delicious meals for the whole family that won’t blow your budget.

Here’s a look at 10 great recipes that will blast away those early year blues.

#1: Fridge Fried Rice

If you haven’t been to the shop and you’re all out of inspiration, this recipe makes the most of what you’ve got in your fridge. By combining ingredients it’s simple to create a tasty meal, and the best part of all is that you can simply use what you have available.

You can follow the recipe here but don’t feel as if you need to stick to it rigidly. Just substitute ingredients for whatever you have, and the result will be just as delicious.

Very Veggie Fried Rice | Stay At Home Mum

#2: Peach and Hazelnut Tiramisu

Forget about the expensive cakes on the shelves; you can whip up this pudding with just a handful of budget-friendly ingredients. As it’s stone fruit season in Australia too, the peaches for this recipe will be juicy and full of flavour.

You’ll probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already so you’ll just need to top up with a few extras such as sponge fingers.

You can find the full delicious recipe in the Woolworths catalogue, where you can also pick up any of the ingredients you need at a potentially discounted price. Top tip: while you’re there, pick up some strawberries to make recipe #8!

#3: One Sheet Bake Chicken and Veg

When you’re starving and don’t want to wait, this easy chicken recipe will kill those hunger pangs in just 20 minutes. There’s no need to use any particular veggies so you can use whatever you have available. This recipe is not only quick and healthy, but it’s ideal to cook up any veggies and prevent them from going to waste.

#4: Easy-Peasy Pizza Dough

Who doesn’t love pizza? Our simple pizza dough combines just two ingredients: 1.5 cups of self-raising flour and 1 cup of Greek yoghurt.

Knead together, add your favourite toppings and cook for 10-12 minutes. Cheap, easy and convenient!

#5: Zoodles and Egg Salad

If you’re following the keto diet, this dish won’t break any of the rules but it’s so yummy the rest of the family will be clamouring to eat it too.

All you’ll need to make Zoodles and Egg Salad are eggs, tomatoes, Zucchinis and parmesan to whizz together a fast and nutritious meal.

#6: Faster Pasta

An old favourite of ours, Faster Pasta can be made from start to finish in just 12 minutes. Light, filling and healthy, it only costs a few dollars to make and it’s another one where you can get creative with what you have in your fridge!

#7: Tuna and Potato Salad

It only takes seven ingredients to knock up a healthy and balanced tuna salad. Perfect for warm summer evenings, or as a filling lunch that the whole family will want to gobble up.

quick tuna salad 1 | Stay at Home

#8: Strawberry Buckwheat Pancakes

This vegan-friendly recipe is filling and nutritious, and won’t cost the earth. With strawberries on offer at Woolworths for just $2.50 per punnet, you can afford to gobble up as many of these pancakes as you want!

#9: Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a huge family favourite and kids normally gobble it up. By adding some extra protein, you can transform it into a hearty meal that’s budget-friendly. This recipe uses bacon but feel free to throw in sausage, chorizo or even chicken! Whatever you have in the fridge will make this meal super-cheap to serve up.

#10: Dr Pepper Shredded Pork

By cooking slowly, you can choose a cheaper cut and still enjoy flavourful, tender meat that melts in the mouth.

Adding two cans of Dr Pepper into the pan, as this recipe shows, adds depth and gives a spicy and delicious meal that adults and children alike will love!

10 Quick and Easy Healthy Meal Recipes for the Whole Family | Stay At Home Mum

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