15 Crazy Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Never Knew ExistedBut if you're like me, you'll be sorely tempted to impulse buy at least half of them...

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Think you’ve seen every kitchen gadget for every purpose imaginable? Think again!

Clever people have invented tools to help you deal with just about every single cooking task that exists. Here are 10 amazing kitchen inventions you probably didn’t know about! This is the reason I have to keep my internet shopping habits a secret from my husband.

1. Meatball Shovel

via www.gamiss.com

Do you love eating meatballs, but hate the feeling of the meat on your hands when you make the little round balls? The Japanese-style meatball shovel is the solution to all the heebie jeebies you get rolling balls of dead animal up for your family’s meals.

2. Easy Coconut Opener

coconut opener

Forget madly Googling for instructions to open that coconut your kid convinced you to buy at the supermarket, before taking to it with a hammer then giving up. If you have one of these devices on hand, you will never struggle to open a coconut again!

3. Stainless Steel Watermelon Cutter


Simulate childbirth at home by shoving a watermelon through one of these things.

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