15 Ways to Have Your Dream Kitchen Without Nightmare Costs

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15 Ways to Have Your Dream Kitchen Without Nightmare Costs

By making small touches like updating your cabinet hardware or upcycling some existing pieces, you can bring your kitchen on trend or have the country kitchen of your dreams without spending a fortune

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1. Change the cabinet handles

This is such an easy change that you can do yourself over the weekend; simple, low cost, and it makes a big impact. A designer once told me, you should always have a black element in every interior décor to create grounding for your complete design. Black kitchen door knobs create a stunning design detail whether you’re aiming for a black and white kitchen or a country kitchen. Copper and brass cabinet handles are also beautiful and on trend; either will add shine and warmth with this simple change.

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2. Add a lick of paint

Whether you’re painting the walls or freshening up your cabinet doors, this is a terrific way to update a kitchen. Make a real statement by painting your cupboards and walls in one bold hue, or follow the multicolour cabinet trend and paint half your cabinet doors in one colour and leave the rest neutral.

3. Change the fabrics

Add a pop of colour by recovering your kitchen chairs or adding cushions. Transparent fabric drapes or floaty sheer curtains can create a lightness and soft romantic design element. Even chequered table linens or a bold throw rug can add brightness to your dining area.

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4. Go bare

Remove all curtains and drapes and let in some light. Especially if you have a stunning view from your kitchen windows, allow nature to do the decorating work for you. Natural light is always in fashion.

5. Add more shelves

If you have wall space but no money for new cupboards, add simple shelves with reclaimed wood and brackets from your hardware store. The new open-shelf trend is reminiscent of French country kitchens. Stack your dishes or store beautiful serving plates and turn them into decorative elements. Alternatively, refurbish an old hutch to display dishes and add a point of interest.

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6. Hook yourself up

Metal hooks are a subtle design trend and one that is easily accessible. Hang cutting boards or cast iron pans from your wall so they are easily accessible and this one little touch can complete your kitchen décor. The finish of the hooks could even match your new knobs.

7. Look to the light

Lighting creates mood and sets the energy for the room. The enduring trend of mid-century pendant lighting has promoted a new range of design options. Create a cluster of pendants using a group with metallic finishes or coloured glass pendant lights in a unique grouping for a great effect.C

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8. Check out the chalkboard trend

Chalkboard painted walls or framed elements have been a hit with designers for their simplicity and texture. Give your dated fridge a facelift with a coat of chalkboard paint. This simple change will give you that personal touch that you’re all looking for, while also reducing the cluttered feeling in your kitchen.

9. Or go cork

Cork is a hot texture that’s growing in appeal. It absorbs sound, it’s a lot warmer than the black chalkboard, and can be painted to match your walls. It is also stunning when left natural. If you don’t want to cover a whole wall, try covering a side table near the door with cork or a framed section of the wall. Use an inexpensive craft cork roll or repurpose wine corks.

10. If you can’t replace it or paint it, hide it

Micro-living is the hot trend in appliances, but if you can’t go out and equip your kitchen with all the hottest new gadgets or replace stainless steel appliances with colours that blend into the background, then tuck them away under the counter. Keeping them out of sight will declutter your kitchen and give it a more modern feel.

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11. Clear the counter, and open the cupboards

Not every trend is tucking everything away. Open cupboards are one of the easiest ways to be on trend and create and open feel in your kitchen, and it doesn’t cost a cent. Rather than replacing your cupboards with glass, remove the doors and hardware of one or all your upper cabinets. If needed, touch them up with the paint you used on the cabinet doors. If you’re concerned about these open cabinets getting messy, put smaller kitchen supplies, kitchen linens, or other things you need on hand in stylish baskets that can be pulled out. For added interest, wallpaper the back of the cupboards to make them pop with a stylish pattern.

12. Change up the furniture

The trend toward farmhouse or Windsor style is apparent in the move to mismatched shaker style chairs around a big table. This could be a cheeky way to add seating without replacing all your chairs. Keep an eye on op-shops, like Vincent de Paul’s, for classic antique chairs to join your existing set.

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13. Add some counter space with style

Refurbish a piece of antique furniture, an old workbench, or an existing island to make it a central feature of your kitchen. Here is a space to splurge if you want to get on the quartz or concrete countertop trend but don’t want to invest in redoing your entire bench top. If a quartz countertop is outside the budget, a reclaimed wood countertop or butcher block is both classically traditional and current.

14. Add some comfort

Nooks and window seats are becoming more popular as a reaction to how technology is encroaching on our lives. We want our kitchen to be more a part of our living space. To embrace this idea, add a bench near your window or a comfortable chair with cushions to match your new plants indoor chlorophytum | Stay at Home

15. Go green

Stunning green plants will add a splash of colour to your kitchen with very little money and almost no work. Create a herb garden on your windowsill or add some leafy foliage to your counter, and easily breathe new life into your kitchen.

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15 Ways to Have Your Dream Kitchen | Stay at Home Mum

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