When you need to get the cleaning done for those unexpected visitors!20 Things You Can Clean #likeitneverhappened

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  • When you need to get the cleaning done for those unexpected visitors!

My husband is notorious for ‘oh so casually’ springing visitors on me at the last minute.

One great example is when I’m about to settle on the couch and, “Hey babe, Joe Schmo and his wife are popping in to say a quick hello, they might stay for dinner too. Oh yeah, and they will be here soon…”


You know that sinking feeling, you look around, the house is a bomb, the kids have gone feral and are playing in the sink, toilet, bathroom, fridge etc. You are completely exhausted and have just sat down for a cup of tea and DH drops that little bombshell……

Now in general, I am a pretty tidy person. I wish I could say my house is immaculate all the time but the truth is, I would go absolutely bananas if I had to spend every day cleaning — and with a one-year-old and a husband who is allergic to the dishwasher, it’s a pretty impossible request to keep the house smick day in day out.

I know I need to get the job done efficiently and effectively, without having to spend too much time on each task. I also know that in order to hide my little cleaning spree, I won’t be using any chemicals so I don’t have to worry about my guests picking up on that toxic smell of cleaning products you inevitably leave behind in the rush to wipe and scrub down the mess.

20 Things You Can Clean In Just 20 Minutes - Stay at Home Mum

So, in order to get the job done effectively, I grab my “I’m going to have a panic attack” cleaning best friend, Chux!

What I love most about these little lifesavers is the fact that all you need to get your house clean is warm water! Yep, no chemicals needed! Not to mention they leave my house looking spotless with little to no effort required, it’s really is the best way to clean when you’ve got limited time to get the job done.

So here we go, cleaning frenzy starts now!

First up: Kitchen

I always get stuck into the kitchen first. Partly because it’s generally always clean – because I like it that way – and partly because my guests will probably stand around this area, rather than the bedrooms, which I will close the doors to.

20 Things You Can Clean In Just 20 Minutes - Stay at Home Mum

There are five essential spaces to clean in the kitchen, including bench top, sink, outside of fridge, outside of cupboards (only the visible ones) and the tiled splash-back.

For this job, I grab my super incredible Chux Kitchen Duets and run the first cloth under a warm tap.

  • Firstly, I sweep the bench contents into a drawer. This is usually the bottom drawer as it’s full of plastic containers and has plenty of room for all the built-up paper work, car keys and hats that seem to accumulate on top of the kitchen bench.
  • Next I use my Chux Kitchen Duets cloth, which has been rinsed with warm water, to remove any grease and grime from the bench top, over my fridge, cupboards and stove top. The duets are ideal for high gloss finishes such as splash backs, glass and stainless steel surfaces and bench tops and kitchen cupboards, which my kitchen is full of.
  • I then use the second, dry Duets cloth to quickly wipe over the surfaces. This cloth acts as a buffer, restoring the shine to the surfaces and making them look as though they are always clean! It’s fantastic!
  • This amazing two-step system offers fast, effective cleaning by cutting through grease and grime.

After a little buff, presto my kitchen is looking fantastic and absolutely no chemicals were used. Best part, I have been able to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Next up – Bathroom

I always scoot straight to the bathroom next as it’s another room the visitors will visit during their “drop in” – and there’s seriously nothing worse than a grubby bathroom.

For this job I use my trusty Chux Bathroom Duets, which are as equally amazing as the Kitchen Duets.

20 Things You Can Clean In Just 20 Minutes | Stay At Home Mum

In this room I will aim to clean six surfaces, including bench top, sink, and mirror, outside of cupboards, shower screen and bath.

  • As in the kitchen it’s best to hide away bathroom contents, so I usually grab my washing basket and fill it with the dirty towels, make-up, toiletries and other products you may have lying around. You could say it would be best to just put them away but in order to get this cleaning done I have to be a little lazy! Don’t judge!
  • Next I grab the first Bathroom Duets cloth, wet it with a little warm water and wipe over the bathroom bench top, sink, mirrors, shower screen and a quick wipe over the bath. Again, no chemicals are needed with these wonder cloths.
  • Next up I grab the second Duets cloth to buff and wipe over the surfaces in a circular motion, clearing up any smudge marks left on the mirror and shower screen.
  • Another amazing chemical free product to remove stubborn marks is the Chux Bathroom MagicEraser. This wonder product eliminates soap scum and mildew restoring the sparkle back into your bathrooms. It’s perfect for all bathroom surfaces such as tiles, bathtubs, shower screens and sinks.

Six surfaces done – I have one more room to tackle before my visitors arrive.

Next – Lounge Room & Dining Room

This room is always a quick one to clean as it’s usually just toys and used DVDs left on the ground. But there are a few surfaces I will need to wipe over, such as the front of the television, glass coffee table, and glass cabinet, window to the courtyard, dining table and chairs.

20 Things You Can Clean In Just 20 Minutes - Stay at Home Mum

  • First up I grab the toy bin and chuck every toy inside, then cover the top of the basket with a throw from the couch – no one will ever know!
  • Next I fix up the pillows and throws, move the cushions around on the couch and throw the DVDs into the television cabinet.
  • Then I get to the surface cleaning, which will literally take no time at all with my Chux Duets and MagicErasers. For the television cabinet, dining table and chairs I use another dry microfibre cloth from a Chux Kitchen Duets pack.
  • Then I use my Chux Glass & Tile MagicEraser. This cleaning eraser is perfect for large surfaces cleaning, activates with just water and of course, is chemical free! It makes cleaning my glass coffee table, and windows an absolute breeze. Dare I say it’s enjoyable?

My house is now looking so clean, my visitors may even think I am the tidiest mother in the country!

Best part of all is that I still have time to change my clothes, tie my hair up and even apply a touch of lippy!

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