5 Tips For Cooking With ToddlersPrepare for a crime scene like mess...

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We all know exactly where this is headed.

Fair chance someone will end up with egg in their hair, sauce down their front and a noodle up the nose.

As parents, we all want to nurture a deep and healthy relationship with our children. And a great way to do that is finding an activity where you can bond as a family.

For instance, cooking together is a great option.

Cooking with your kids encourages them to be connected with food, eating and health. It also teaches them to appreciate what is served on the table, because they had a part in being responsible for the meal. You are also teaching them life skills, responsibilities and nutrition. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter what you cook…

Just make sure there’s sauce…


Lots of sauce…


Enough sauce to paint an entire child.

Or eggs

Or chocolate..


Something thick and sticky will do…

And don’t take calls while they’re left alone.




Before you start though, there are 5 tips to get you through:

Plan what you are going to cook.

Think of the easiest but most fun recipe you can make with the kids. Make sure you have bought everything you need for the recipe and get the ingredients all set out on the table, including your measuring cups, bowls, etc. It will save you more time and will make the area less cluttered.

Safety is everything.

Make sure all the harmful tools are not within their reach. Assign a space for them away from the knives and other sharp objects because you might be able to overlook them when you’re already engrossed in the cooking.

Cooking/Baking session should be when they are not hungry.

Never cook with a tired or hungry toddler. Pick a time after snacks and they’ll be happy to wrap themselves in an apron.

It will be messy.

Cooking for adults can be a bit messy. Even the most skilled chefs can create a spill or two! Cooking with toddlers will definitely be chaotic — but it’s worth it.


In the mean time, forget all the cleaning you’ll have to do afterward and focus on the time you are spending together. Years later, your kids won’t be too eager to cook with you, so savour the moment. Have fun cooking and then have fun… eating!!!

Do you have more tips on how to cook with a toddler?

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