Coffee Pod Machines

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Coffee Pod Machines

Coffee Pod Machines are so popular right now. They seem to be popping up everywhere! They give you delicious, café style coffee to suit your taste buds, at the touch of a button and in your own home! What’s not to love about that idea? If you are yet to jump on the bandwagon and buy yourself one then here is a rundown on two of the most popular selling Pod Machines on the market at the moment.

DeLonghi Dolce Gusto1DeLonghi Dolce Gusto

This little ripper sits happily on our Kitchen bench for everyday use. It’s sleek and stylish with a good variety of Pods available and super-fast! Whether you like A Strong Black Americano style coffee, a frothy cappuccino, Decaf, a Yummy Hot Chocolate, and A Chai Latte or even Iced tea. With 14 different flavours available, you can do it all with this Machine.

Readily available from Woolworths, Big W and IGA it’s the Pod machine for the everyday coffee drinker that wants to add some style and different flavours without breaking the budget!

They have their own pod design to perfectly fit the machine and give great tasting coffee every time. Plus it has an easily removable drip tray that enables you to fit a great big mug underneath the spout!

With a retail price of $120 (for the base model) but readily available on sale from one of the stockists for as little as $98, they make a great addition to any kitchen. Especially since they come with a sample pack of 6 different flavours for you to try!

Normal purchase price for the pods is $7.99 per box with either  8 or 16 per pack, depending on the type, it makes it a great deal cheaper than purchasing a coffee form a Café (and you can leave your Pj’s on!)

The Expressi Pod MachineThe Expressi Pod Machine

This little Coffee pod whiz is only available from Aldi Supermarkets and is a favourite among many Coffee Drinkers. Being exclusive to Aldi, it can be a little harder to get a hold of than the Dolce Gusto BUT if you can get one”¦do so! They are available in either Black or Silver and will catch anyone’s attention when they enter your Kitchen with their robust yet aesthetically pleasing appearance. Featuring a height adjustable cup platform and a huge 1 litre water reservoir this is great for making coffee for a group of friends as you needn’t be refilling the tank after every two cups.

The Expressi pods sell at $5.99 per box of 16 and are full of amazing aromas and undertones in their flavours in 14 Different blends that cater for even the most distinguished coffee palates.

Also with the design of the pod chamber, you can even use Pods from the Nespresso range which allows for even more flavours and variety.

The Expressi Machine is a fabulous $79 and they too go on sale from time to time so be ready to get in early for a super low purchase price.

Coffee Pod Machines are a great addition to any Home or Office and also make a Great Gift!

On another note if you are concerned about wastage due to using the pod machines, you can actually purchase re-usable/refillable pods online from varying places.  Simply choose your own blends, pack into the pods (following manufacturer’s instructions) and use the pods time and time again thus eliminating the wastefulness of the colourful little pods.

Regardless of what machine you choose, you’ll get a great tasting coffee at a fraction of the cost in a Café and the machine will pay for itself in no time.

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