Foods That Should Be Kept In The Fridge

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Foods That Should Be Kept In The Fridge

It is the age old debate fridge versus pantry. Here are some of the most popular food items people store in the pantry that should be refrigerated (as per package instructions).

Tomato Sauce 

I am sure half of the population store their tomato sauce in the pantry but in fact, it should be kept in the fridge. This also applies to sweet chilli sauce, BBQ sauce and mustard.

Icecream topping 

Yes, you read that correctly, icecream topping. Who knew? Mine are kept in the pantry. Luckily we go through it so quickly it is never in there for long.

Soy Sauce 

In all honesty, it never occurred to me that soy sauce should be refrigerated but it does say clearly on the label to refrigerate after opening. Mine has lived in the pantry since, well, forever.


I have always kept my jams in the fridge and was rather surprised to discover that many people keep theirs in the pantry, but each to their own.Foods That Should Be Kept In The Fridge

Worcestershire sauce

Another one I have never stored in the fridge. Have you or do you?

Natural Peanut Butter

Do you own a Bellini or Thermomix and make your own peanut butter? If you do, then it should be in the fridge. Processed peanut butter has enough preservatives so can stay in the pantry.


By butter, I am talking real butter not margarine. Although it is obvious that butter should be stored in the fridge, because of how hard it gets, many people keep it at room temperature to make it spread more easily.


Did you know the oil contained in nuts can cause them to go off if they are exposed to heat? If you aren’t going to eat them within a few weeks, store them in the fridge for a longer shelf life.


Most people store their onions in a box in the cupboard but if onions are kept in the fridge, this can reduce the risk of crying eyes. Not a bad tip if you are prone to bringing on the waterworks when dicing an onion.


Some big supermarket chains do not store their eggs in a fridge and you purchase them straight from the shelf. Most people I know store them in the fridge however if you don’t, you may like to reconsider. Refrigerated eggs can have an extended shelf life of up to six weeks.

Every household is different and if you have always stored items in the pantry that are marked, “Refrigerate after opening” and you have never experienced an issue, on the most part, I am sure you will be fine. You should know that by storing these items in the fridge may in fact increase the shelf life of the product and you should always read the product label and follow the directions of the manufacturer.

Do you keep these items in the fridge or pantry? Are you horrified when you notice people storing fridge items in the pantry? What items do you keep in the pantry that ‘should’ be kept in the fridge?


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