Household Odours


Kids and stink go together.  Maybe not so much for little girls (I don’t know what that’s like…) but boys pong.  They leave food in odd places, which creates another pong, they leave skid marks on their knickers (another pong) and the list goes on.  Here are a few ideas to ‘Stop the Stink’.  Some might even help out with the ‘bigger kids – ie hubbies’ stinks too!

Body Odour in Clothing

Add a cup full of white vinegar to all your loads of washing – it helps get rid of that ‘under arm’smell in adults clothing, and really freshens up kids clothes.  If there is a perspiration stain (ie yellow under arms) make a paste of bicarb and water, add to the stain and leave to dry, then wash as normal.

Baby Car Seats

Car seats are a magnet for odour – with milk, food, vomit and poo all in one place, it’s no wonder they can get really stinky!  The best way to clean the seats is to take the offending covers off (yes it’s a pain – but it’s the best way) – wash in your machine on a hand wash cycle with a cup full of vinegar (or cleaning vinegar if it is really dirty) – then hang in full sunlight for a few hours until dry.

Smelly Kitchen Containers

If your plastic containers stink of their contents, place the container in the freezer overnight – by morning they will be fresh again.  This goes for any item you can fit in the freezer that is on the nose!

Cigarette Smells

Mix half a cup of boiling water with two tablespoons of cloudy ammonia (in the cleaning isle of your supermarket) and place in a bowl and leave it in the smelly room with the windows open. If you don’t have ammonia on hand, then try a bowl of bicarb soda with a few drops of essential oils placed in the smelly room!

Car Smells

To remove the stink of cigarette in a car, just fill the ash tray full of Bicarbonate of soda, with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  Leave the ash tray open when you aren’t driving and it will absorb the odour!  Change it weekly for a really stinky car!

Stinky Fridge

Use a damp cloth dipped in some bicarbonate of soda to wipe over the fridge.  Once it is clean, add a few drops of vanilla which really freshens the fridge.  For really bad lingering odours, leave a small saucer of mustard or an open carton of bicarb in the fridge and change every few weeks.  Instant coffee wrapped in a muslin cloth placed at the back of the fridge also helps.

Stinky Shoes

Sprinkle with a combination of bicarb and baby powder, leave overnight or a few days, then shake it out.

The Smell of Paint

Peel a few onions and chop into quarters.  Place each quarter on a saucer or plate and leave it in the corner of the room.

Do you have any handy hints to get rid of certain smells in your home?

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