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Some jobs in the kitchen seem like they either take an eternity or are just too painful to tackle, and when it comes to cooking some dishes, they either make a huge mess or are just too tricky. Who wouldn’t want a few tricks up their sleeve to save time, money and on food wastage? SAHM has got you covered with a few simple kitchen tips.

Broken Egg Shell

Sick of trying to scoop out broken egg shell from a raw egg in a mixing bowl? Next time, wet your finger before trying to fish it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy the broken shell is to remove.

Mushy Banana

Over ripe bananas? Pop them in the freezer, still in the peel, and simply defrost them the next time you want to make a banana cake, banana bread or a smoothie.

Crusty Kettle

Calcium build up in your electric kettle? Fill up your kettle with half water and half white vinegar, boil and then pour out the liquid mixture. The calcium build up will now be gone.

Perfect Spuds

Want the perfect mashed potato? After the potatoes have been boiled and drained, return them to the pot and pop the lid back on for around 5 minutes. The steam will help the potatoes to better absorb the milk and butter, creating a creamier mash.

Stinky plastic storage containers?Kitchen Tricks To Keep Up Your Sleeve

A pinch of salt inside the sealed containers before storing them away will do the trick.

Soup too salty?

Simply add a peeled potato to the pot of soup to absorb the excess salt.

Ice Ice Baby

Don’t like the icy crust that develops in your tub of ice cream? Line the ice cream with a piece of waxed paper before putting the lid back on. Voila! No more ice crystals.

Bacon spitting fat?

Add a little bit of water to the pan to avoid those fatty splashes all over the kitchen and the stove top.

Want to prevent celery from going limp?

Wrap it in aluminium foil before storing it in the fridge. It’ll stay crisp for weeks.

Hands smell of fresh garlic?

Wash them in mouth wash to get rid of the smell.

Strip The Corn

Want to easily remove the silk from a fresh cob of corn? Rub a damp piece of paper towel down the corn cob. The silk will slide straight off.

Chopping chillies?

Rub a little vegetable oil on your hands to prevent absorbing spicy chilli juice.

Stand In Dish Greaser

Need to grease a casserole dish and out of grease paper? Use a slice of buttered or oiled bread to grease the inside of the dish.

Spin On Crumbed Chicken

Crumbing some chicken for dinner? Try coating the chicken in mayonnaise rather than egg for a tasty change.

Cutting soft cheese?

Try using plain dental floss to slice it. Emphasis on plain. Minty brie cheese is probably not the taste you are looking for.

Pancakes With A Twist

Want to serve up a creative breakfast? Use cookie cutters to shape pancakes or fried eggs.

Clumped brown sugar?

Try storing a few marshmallows in the bag to keep brown sugar soft.

Sticky Plastic Wrap

Disastrous outcomes from using plastic wrap? Try storing the roll in the fridge. The plastic wrap will pull out of the packet with ease.

Still can’t open that jar even after banging it on the sink?

Wrap an elastic band around the lid and open the lid. If the jar still won’t open, try wrapping the elastic covered lid with a tea towel and try again.

Prevent Pot Boil

Sick of pots boiling over as soon as you turn your back? Place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. The pot will still boil but the contents will not boil over.



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