Ten Useless Kitchen Gadgets

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Ten Useless Kitchen Gadgets

I’m sure at some point in time, we’ve all ended up with some completely unnecessary, useless, waste-of-money gadget in the kitchen cupboard or drawer.

After all, it’s said that you use 20% of your kitchen gadgets, 80% of the time; and 80% of your kitchen gadgets, 20% of the time!

Save yourself some money (and cupboard space) and avoid these exceptionally useless items we’ve come across!

1) Banana Slicer

Really? Why waste the money on something that looks like a small banana shaped ladder when you can simply use a knife that you already have?!

2) Pizza Scissors

Why one needs pizza scissors when most people already have a pizza cutter or a plain old knife is beyond me! It takes longer to cut; it’s messier and completely unnecessary. .. | Stay at Home

3) A Pickle Picker

Well, these useless contraptions closely resemble those long easy grip claw grabber things that are found in many garage workshops. Seriously people, if you’re having trouble getting gherkins or the like from the jar, STOP USING YOUR FINGERS and get a fork.

non ... | Stay at Home

4) Cheese Dispenser

My dad bought this useless waste-of-money gadget years back and insisted on using it. It is made entirely of plastic and holds a whole block of cheese.

It has a crank to wind up a ‘roller door’ over the end of it and a ribbed conveyor like belt with a wall in a sense that moves the cheese forward. It’s just a cheesy toy really (pun intended!) It isn’t airtight nor does it slice the cheese. It’s a complete waste of time, money and drawer/fridge space!

server ... | Stay at Home

5) Strawberry Slicer

REALLY? Cause it’s just too hard to use a knife to slice a strawberry the regular way!

wired | Stay at Home

6) Tater Mitts/ Potato Peeling Gloves

So these closely resemble the good old dish washing gloves but they have these tiny little colour coded rocks attached to the underside of the fingers and palm of the glove. The idea is to be able to peel your spuds without the need for sharp peelers or blades.

Ok, well”¦I, for one have NEVER cut myself with a vegetable peeler when prepping my spuds, and honestly did they really think that these would be a hit? Total waste of money and time! PLUS, you have to cook the potato for 10 mins BEFORE you can even use the silly gloves on them! .... | Stay at Home

7) Square Egg ‘Rings’

Need I say more? ... | Stay at Home

8) Eat-me Crunchy Cereal Bowl

Surely, they couldn’t come out with a useless bowl right? Wrong!! They added a ‘shelf’ or a reservoir to the bottom of a bowl with an opening to one side of it. You put in your cereal, and then pour in the milk.

The milk goes straight to the bottom and sits in the reservoir enabling only a small amount of cereal to sit in the milk at a time. According to the advertisements, this enables you to have fresh, crunchy cereal with every mouthful. Eliminating soft cereal. Yeah ok, because that’s such a problem! ... | Stay at Home

9) Milk Carton Holder

Essentially it’s a square cup, with holes and a handle. Seriously, if you want a handle on your milk carton”JUST BUY A BOTTLE!!

p | Stay at Home

10) A Self-stirring Coffee Mug

Because spoons are just sooo yesterday, darling! Stirring can be such a hard chore. But I still want one.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

The mind boggles doesn’t it!? Now here’s your chance to share your little secret”

Do you have any of these sitting in your kitchen or do you have any other useless gadgets? We’d love to hear about them!

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