Tricky Kitchen Cleaning Hints

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Tricky Kitchen Cleaning Hints

Tricky Kitchen Cleaning HintsThese Tricky Kitchen Cleaning Hints are hard to categorise – so I thought we’d do a post just for them!  Little hints that can make your life easier – because that’s what Stay at Home Mum is all about!

To Remove Coffee & Tea Stains from Cups (without using bleach!):

Add salt to a wet cup and let it soak for awhile – then clean as usual – they will look as good as new!

To Remove Calcium Build Up from a Kettle:

3/4 fill the kettle with fresh clean tap water and add 1/2 cup white vinegar, boil and let cool – and dispose of the water (or use to clean your microwave).  If the build up is particularly bad you may need to repeat.

Fridge a bit Stinky?

Open a new box of Bicarb (take the whole top off the box) and place right at the back of the fridge; it will absorb odours. Replace once every three months and dispose of the bicarb after use.  When cleaning your fridge, use some vanilla extract on a damp cloth to wipe the inside of your fridge; it gives it a lovely fresh smell.

Use Pump Dispensers

When washing up by hand, do the kids add WAYYYYY too much washing up liquid?  Transfer the liquid of your choice into a pump dispenser – the liquid will last much longer because it is a controlled amount used each time – well unless they keep pumping! You can pick up cheap pump dispensers from places like the $2 shop.

Washing Your Good Glasses

Have too many glasses with chips in them from washing up?  Next time, before you fill the sink with hot soapy water, line the sink with a clean tea towel – you may have to keep pushing it down the bottom of the sink when filling.  It gives the glasses a bit of a ‘cushion’ when washing them – preventing chips!

Keeping Kitchen Cloths Clean

Kitchen cloths/sponges can harbour bacteria, odour and all sorts of nasties.  Only ever use a kitchen cloth for one day, then either throw it in the washing machine with your towels, the top section of your dishwasher or pour a whole kettle full of boiling water over it, rinse well and hang in the sun to dry.  Plus it’s a good idea to have different colour cloths for different parts of the house. For example I use blue cloths in the kitchen, green in the bathroom, and yellow for everything else!  That way they never get confused and you lessen the chance of cross-contamination.

Remove Rust Stains from your Laminate Kitchen Benchtop

To remove rust stains on the benchtop mix up a thick paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Spoon the paste mixture onto the rust-stained benchtop and spread it around until the entire stain is covered by a thick layer of paste. Let the paste sit for about 10 – 15 minutes and then scrub the rust stain off with a wet sponge. Afterwards wipe clean with a damp sponge.

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