7 Tips For Keeping Your Clothes Like New For LongerWays to keep the stuff you love looking good for as long as possible

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We all want to get the most out of our clothes, because it costs a fortune to keep replacing them when they are ruined.

Oh and we also have things that we absolutely love and want to keep for as long as possible, too!

Keeping your clothing looking as good as new isn’t always easy. Just sorting your colours from your whites isn’t always enough to stop your clothes looking old over time. Here are some laundry tips your mum might not have ever told you… and some she probably did tell you when you weren’t listening!

1.  Pay attention to the labels


I’m so guilty of not reading the labels, or ignoring them, when I wash my clothing. But the care instructions are there for a reason, and that’s to ensure your clothes stay in great shape when you clean them. So if it says don’t tumble dry or hand wash only, you probably should be doing what it says.

2. Wash things inside out


Turning your clothing inside out will help to protect it from fading and wash wear. Dark denim and pants are especially helped by this. Any garments that have print, beading or other embellishments should also be turned inside out to protect them against damage in the wash.

3. Do up buttons, zips and ties


When you put things in the washing machine, make sure any buttons are fastened and zippers are zipped up. It might seem like a pain, but it means your clothes are less likely to snag in the wash.

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