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I am currently trying to teach my kids that you can actually wear your clothes more than once, especially their school uniform.

At ages 3 and 6, this concept is completely over their heads.

Miss 3 can have more outfit changes in a day than Kim Kardashian during fashion week. I know that this lesson has to be carefully balanced between “if it is walking by itself you had better wash it” and, say, washing your jeans every day.

So how many wears can you get out of clothing before they need a wash?



There is a clear division here. People either wash every time or love to not wash their jeans or at least get a couple of wears out of them before they hit the laundry pile. They seem to feel better after a couple of days wear.

The CEO of Levi’s proudly tells everyone that he hasn’t washed his jeans in over a year. I guess there is always the issue with having the saggy bum jeans when wearing them frequently without washings.

Handy Hint: a quick spin in the dryer will fix a saggy bum. Even without washing first.


clothes between washes

Socks are one of those items of clothes that are most likely a one wear only. Although on occasions a well aired set of socks can get a second go round – over 70% of people will only wear them once though.



If you are wearing your jimmy jams then there probably isn’t a lot of huffing and puffing happening in them. How often do people wash them? Once or twice a week is the norm. In summer things can get a bit sweaty so a freshen up may be in order mid-week but over 50% of people recycle them during the week.



This is an interesting one. Almost 40% of women wear their bras 5 or more times. According to CNN if you have bras on rotation then you can get at least several wears of each bra between washes.


clothes between washes

One wear people, one wear. There is no front, backwards, inside out front and inside out backwards.

Sheets and Towels

clothes between washes

These should be washed at least weekly in a hot wash for hygiene purposes and stopping a build up of dust mites in the sheets. According to a SurveyMonkey survey, 5% of people only wash their sheets once a year *pukes in mouth*. After a year you would be best throwing them out and starting again. I personally love clean sheet night and fresh towels. I would have it every night if I could be bothered with the washing.

What is the most number of times you wear your clothes before washing is required?


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