10 Tips to Reduce the Pile of LaundryHere's a big middle finger to Mt Washmore.

Is Mount Washmore located in your laundry? I don’t know about you but by the time I get to Monday, my washing pile is stacked so high I’m frightened it will collapse on me.

Plus it looks really messy (not that I’m REALLY worried about that!).

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Here are some great tips on reducing the piles of washing lurking in the home!

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1. Wash often – but make sure you have a full load first!

via blogs.japanesepod101.com
via blogs.japanesepod101.com

It’s good to have a few different baskets for different types of washing (e.g whites, towels, darks, delicates etc.) As soon as the basket is full, put on a wash and get rid of the pile. This way it doesn’t add up!

2. Allocate a bath towel at the beginning of the week – and stress that this towel is to be used ALL WEEK.

This will encourage re-use, and hopefully for the kids/hubby to hang it up when they are done, so it doesn’t end up back in the wash before it’s time!

3. Wear an apron when you are cooking.

This seems so old fashioned doesn’t it? But it really does save you washing. Hang it up in the pantry so you know you will use it every time – and only wash it when it gets very soiled.

4. Hang up your ‘dress clothes’ as soon as you get home.

Dress clothes are your good clothes that you ‘dress up’ in before a special occasion like a wedding or christening etc. If you haven’t worn them for more than a few hours, hang them straight back up for another day!

5. If you can, keep the laundry clean and tidy at all times.

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A clean laundry room can provide inspiration…maybe! I spend a LOT of time in mine so I like it to look pretty – don’t forget to decorate as you would other rooms in the house!

6. Limit the amount and type of clothing you own.

The more clothes there are, the more you’ll have to wash!

7. You can wear some clothes more than once – such as jeans, dresses and skirts.

via www.cosmopolitan.co.uk
via www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

8. Try and train the kids not to throw clean clothes from their drawers all over the floor.

They are more likely to find their way into the hamper that way and you’ll be washing clothes that don’t need washing!

9. Fold clothes up as they come off the clothes line (or out of the dryer) and put them away straight away.

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10. Keep your odd sock pile OUT of the laundry.

Why? Because quite often that odd sock ends up in the wash again and round and round it goes in circles! Have a spare drawer somewhere and re-use them if you can’t find its mate!

What are your suggestions for reducing Mount Washmore?

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