How To Wash and Store Bras

All the titbits you’ll ever need to care for your bras are right here in one article! Bras are expensive, regardless of where you purchase, and while caring for them properly won’t make them last forever, not handling them lovingly will definitely shorten their stay on your body.


Pretty bras are on the luxury list in many women’s lives, and when the annual (or less often) purchase of something lacy, with a print or a bit of sparkle comes around, and the price tag makes you cringe, you should also think about how to get the longest life out of them.

While we’re talking about over-shoulder-boulder-holders and shopping, consider how many of the bras you own that you actually, regularly wear, and add to that collection rather than buying a lacy little balconette half cup. Be frugal rather than cheap, and buy good quality bras rather than lots of badly fitting, saggy, droopy, too-big or too-small! Ideally there should be enough bras in your cupboard to mean you can wear all the clothes you own. Strapless dress, plunging neckline top, racer back singlets, running gear – do you have the bra to suit?

Rule of thumb:

You shouldn’t wear the same bra 2 days in a row, and should wash it every 3-6 wears so you might can use the rule of threes – one to wear, one to wash, and one spare! Add in 3 for special occasions – one for the gym, one for low cut clothes, and one for your ego and you’ve got 6. There’s something to aim for next time the lingerie sales are on mid-year or post-Christmas!

Bras are foundation garments,are on your body every day and really do set the tone for your entire wardrobe so get fitted and buy enough to make your wardrobe rock. They absorb sweat, perfumes, grime, grot and smells so wash them often. For kicks, hand wash them to see just how grey the water gets!How To Wash and Store Bras

Washing guide:

  • Take care with washing! If you can – hand wash them. Sorry, when you’ve stopped laughing at the very suggestion that anything these days gets hand washed, consider that it really does improve the life of the bras. At best, buy a specialist lingerie washing detergent and follow the instructions carefully. At worst, hook the band together and wash in a small lingerie bag with other like-coloured items in your washing machine. Wash on a delicate cycle in cold water.
  • Lay them out flat to dry rather than hanging them up. Just like boobs when gravity drags them down (not really – the loss of collagen in your breasts causes them to droop with age rather than gravity!) wet, heavy bra cups will stretch the shoulder straps and cause the cups to sag out of shape. Do not wring them out before hanging, but lie on the top of a drying rack, or on a towel with a fan blowing over it.
  • Dry in the shade, away from sunlight and heat. Never ever be tempted to put them in the dryer!
  • Lay them flat to store, rather than inverting one cup into the other. Don’t twist any underwires, crush any cups nor let the lacy bits get hooked on rough drawers.
  • When you travel, pay particular attention to them rather than just squishing into your suitcase.
  • Rinse in the shower monthly or so, or rinse in warm water to remove the residue

How many bras you own? Can you buy them easily in every store or do you feel like you’ve hit the lottery when you find one that isn’t beige and is in your size?

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