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Backyard Makeover Ideas: 10 Ways To Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

Backyard Makeover Ideas: 10 Ways To Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

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Backyard Makeover Ideas: 10 Ways To Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

Buying a home is itself such a pleasure that you feel on top of the world.

And if you own a lawn, it’s like a cherry on the top. It’s like you have a designated place to relax, spend time with your family, get together with your neighbours and friends.

And if by any chance you need to sell your property, a backyard will surely enhance the value.


You need to stop fantasizing about all this. A backyard is an ideal place, right! But if it’s not neat, tidy, or well-kept, you can not enjoy any sort of activities there, forget enhancing the value.

So, before we move on to the options of rejuvenating your backyard space, here we bring you some tips that will help maintain your yard and garden like a pro.

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Start With Cleaning The Unnecessary Elements

If you are a resident of Sydney, you might be well aware of the changing weather conditions. Right? Sometimes strong winds create havoc, while other times, it’s the snow that damages the aesthetics of your garden or backyard.

So, there might be fallen branches, or sticks, or dead leaves. You need to get rid of these. Either you can rake the leaves and make compost or dispose of the litter after cleaning.

Trim Your Plants

To give your garden a breathtaking look, you must regularly prune your shrubs and trees. If you think your current responsibilities won’t allow you to do that, you can always hire professional trimming services to do the task for you.

And if trimming grass seems a tedious job, you can try clipping ornamental grasses using a bungee cord.

yard lawn maintenance | Stay at Home Mum.com.au
via blog.mint.com

Mow The Lawn

It must be a practice to cut down one-third of the grass every time you mow your garden or lawn. You can include clippings around your grass or form a protective barrier around your plants over the soil. This will add aesthetic appeal to your yard.

Prepare Compost For Your Lush Green Garden

Like humans require different nutrients to grow and flourish. Similarly, plants and flowers also need nutrients to grow. For that, you’ll require compost. You can use grass clippings, dead leaves, and mulch to create one for your plants this season. All you need is to mix, water it, and leave it on the soil.

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But that’s not all!

You might be missing out on something important. Your lawn requires more than mowing and maintenance. You must be aware that your garden might be home to different types of insects or pests.

If you ignore these unwanted guests, it might severely damage your lawn. All your efforts will turn out to be a waste. So, what next?

Identify The Signs of Bug Infestation in Your Lawn

Some apparent signs will help you notify something is fishy. Oops, not fishy, “buggy.”

If you spot the following signs, hiring Pest Control Sydney experts must be on your list of priorities.

That’s how you can avoid them entering your beloved home. Let’s move on to the signs right away!

pest ctrl e1613440968127 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

  • If you can see pests without much effort, that means the infestation has already skyrocketed. You can keep a check on fallen foliage. If you find live bugs there, you might have an issue.
  • If there are any bite marks on the edges of your garden leaves, it means that your garden is infested with insects.
  • Round, uneven grass is yet another indication of infestation in your lawn.

Other than these indications, if you see ants crawling in and out of the holes in your garden, it indicates that you need to get rid of them quickly. So, you must call pest control service providers to maintain your outer space in pristine condition.

If you still think that you can do it on your own, keep reading, and you’ll know where you are going wrong.

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Pest Control Specialists- Why Should You Call One?

If you think it’s a handful of the types of pests, you are highly mistaken. There are over 500 types of bugs that could attack your property and backyard. If you have a pest control expert with you, you can quickly identify the pest type and easily get rid of it using the right measures.

Not only that, they will help you create a treatment since not all insects have the same growth cycle. It goes without saying that they know what products will be ideal for your family and the environment.

It doesn’t end there!

They also enlighten their customers with tips and tricks to maintain their home and lawn between the treatments.

Now that we understand the tip to maintain your lawn, the next step is to work on its beautification. Are you all set?

Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd | Stay at Home Mum.com.au
FB Page: Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd

Lawn Beautification Tips for Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal

To those who think regular lawn mowing is the only requirement to beautify the place, you are doing it all wrong. Depending on the type of place you live, you can add certain upgrades to enjoy some family time together.

For instance, you can install a barbeque station in your backyard and enjoy some mouth-watering dishes with your friends and family. You can further upgrade your lawn by using one or more of the following options.

Image result for Try Adding Keyhole Garden to Your Yard
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Try Adding Keyhole Garden to Your Yard

This open will enhance the visual appearance of your garden and allow you to plant your favourites easily since it is a space-saving option. For this, you’ll have to create C or U shaped beds. This will allow you to keep a space to yourself when doing your favourite hobby, i.e., gardening.

bigstock New Red Cedar Outdoor Wooden D 305620348 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Try Facelifting Your Wooden Decks

The area around the garden or yard helps to improve the overall look of your garden. You might notice that it often looks frumpy as they age. Isn’t it? Using the household cleaner will help you avoid such a look for a few years. And you scrub the same using any oxygenated bleach. You can easily prevent the piling of the dirt.

That’s not all! You can easily avoid mildews using the same procedure.

front gardens | Stay at Home MumGo For Shade-inducing Plants

If your backyard is all sunny, you won’t be able to use it during the summer months. That could be quite a misery if you decide on going for a lunch party. A big no, no! While an umbrella patio is an option, but come on, it is too cliche, isn’t it?

You can opt for fast-growing trees that offer shade, such as willows or maples.

That would convert your backyard into a lush green garden.

Common Garden Problems | Stay at Home Mum

Revamp Your Old Furniture

Why get tied to the old furniture when you can easily replace them with budget-friendly lounge chairs and other patio sets. You can also go for metal furniture that can last for years if you go for a rust-free paint. Other than that, you can give your fibre furniture a facelift using expert-approved tips.

bigstock Outdoor Chairs Surrounded By M 402025028 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Use Mirrors to Increase The Size of Your Yard (Not Literary)

I am sure you know about the mirror tricks to enhance the length of your room. But did you know that the same technique can help you increase the size of your backyard as well? To do that, you can tuck mirrors to your plants or along fences. The illusion that reflects from the mirror will make the area look more prominent and vibrant.

bigstock Garden Fountain 4405708 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au
Garden fountain in old part of the city in St. Augustine Florida

Go For Inexpensive Water Options

While not everyone is lucky enough to have ample space for a fountain or a pool, you can still add some water element to your garden to give that feel. For instance, you can go for a liner, a pump in different designs to elevate the relaxation element in your home.

It doesn’t end here!

Make sure your garden does not convert into a lake, especially after a rainy day. You can go for shallow trenches (swales) to allow the area to soak extra water. You can also go for filling the space with gravel to uplift its visual appeal.

bigstock Illuminated Garden 95119592 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Wrapping up…

When it comes to deciding on the design or decor of the home, it is more likely that an outdoor space will take a backseat most of the time. Usually, people limit themselves to garden mowing, adding patio furniture and LED lights to the area.

They often forget that the backyard is also the space for many insects or pests that can further harm or damage your house. I am sure none of you would want to happen ever! Right? There is more to this space than that. So, taking appropriate precautions and measures will help you manage the area.

Remember, this is the place where you spend time with your family, host house parties, and whatnot. So, maintaining and improving its aesthetics will require things starting from cleaning the area, getting rid of unwanted pests or bugs, and elevating the decor of the space with budget-friendly options.

And if you are unable to maintain the space on your own, taking help from the experts is always a better idea. After all, you already have a limited time frame for your loved ones. Why waste it only cleaning and maintenance when clearly you can get the help of experts.

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