Get Rid of Creepy Crawlies Around the Home Using Essential OilsAnts, Cockroaches, Fleas - be gone!

10. Spiders


Wipe lemon oil around cornices and where you usually find spiders.

11. Wasps


Blast wasps with hairspray (be very careful, though, as wasps were hurt when they sting!) At dusk, spray shaving cream into their nest entry hole and place a plastic bag over the nest. Dispose of the entire package.

12. Weevils


Firstly, place items prone to weevils into the freezer for four days. Do this when you bring them home from the supermarket as weevil eggs and larvae can already be present in the packet. This will kill the microscopic larvae and prevent any weevils from hatching. These items include flour, rice, and spices.

Store anything that won’t fit in the freezer in sealable glass or plastic canisters or sealable plastic bags. These include cereals, dried fruits, and biscuits.

If you have had an infestation of weevils in your pantry already, unfortunately, you will have to throw out any of your dry products as mentioned above, vacuum the pantry out and thoroughly clean your pantry shelves with hot soapy water. Let everything dry and then scatter some bay leaves or clove buds around your pantry to naturally repel any more weevils.

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