Handyman Versus A Professional Contractor

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Handyman Versus A Professional Contractor

When something needs fixing at home and you simply don’t have the tools, manly skills or the time to do it, then you might need to call someone to do the job for you. 

Whatever fixing needs you have at home it can be easily accomplished, thanks to Google and Youtube. However, major repairs and alterations, like extensions or kitchen remodelling, requires some great expertise and good service. To know who’s the right man to do the job, here’s our straight up view to help you determine to hire a handyman or a contractor.

Handyman vs Professional Contractor | Stay At Home Mum

Handyman Versus A Professional Contractor

Are these both related? Yes, they can be.

A handyman is someone that generally does not have a licensed trade but is experienced in general repairs around the house. His name suggests he’s got all the tool and equipment you need for basics plumbing, paint jobs and carpentry. He can tackle some house jobs that will not actually need a licensed contractor in just one visit. They can also be hired by a professional contractors on project basis.

Handyman versus a Professional Contractor | Stay At Home Mum

On the other hand, a professional contractor has a license which means he has done the apprenticeship, received a trade certificate and has the license and insurance required for some tasks.They will probably need to work longer hours than a handyman to get the job done right. Long-term project that requires machinery and large number of workers such as major home renovation or kitchen remodeling often hires the service and expertise of a professional contractor.

Hiring the Right Man for The Job

In general, it is going to be cheaper to hire a handyman than a professional contractor in terms of an hourly rate. A handyman will be able to offer similar services to professional contractors but they may vary on their qualifications or experience in doing the job. If this is something that is important to you, it is best not to skip corners.

What The Job Needs?

In order to determine the right man for the job, it is best to consider what work is needed. Some jobs around the house can easily be done by a handyman instead of spending a lot of money in having a professional contractor do the job.

Some jobs such as plumbing and electrical work, can be quite dangerous. This is why you want to be sure you are working with someone who’s adept in Industrial Plumbing and also licenced in this field to prevent serious damage at home (and also your bank account). Faulty electrical work can result in electrical shocks and burns down the road, which is something you want to avoid. It’s best to hire an expert than to lose your home in a fire.

Compare Estimates

When considering any professional service it is best to compare companies and quotes. Look for different companies and handyman in your area that could help you. Give them a call and talk to them about the project and ask for a quote. They may visit your home and assess the project before they will give you an estimate on the cost and also the time frame to get the job done. It also helps if you happen to know them personally in case it needs a little tweaking and discounts can be negotiable too.(wink!)

Handyman versus a Professional Contractor | Stay At Home Mum

Quality Service over Cost

Getting the cheapest price for the job is important but you also ensure its worth the service when considering to hire a handyman or a professional contractor. Customer reviews could also help you in your decision. Check the website as most contractors will display their trading information so you know they are licensed and insured. Ask around your neighbourhood or few friends if they know any local handyman or contractors with an impressive work ethics. If necessary, those people who provide an after service sale service is perfect for the job.

Having major projects is one big decision you need to consider. Do your homework in researching and comparing construction materials and services in the market before sealing that deal either with a handyman or contractor. Have at least three bids if necessary. It’s also best to have a written agreement that will enlist all the details of payment, construction and time frame.

Which service do you prefer, a Handyman or a Contractor? Share your with us.

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