4 Ways To Clean An IronSimple tricks to make your iron last longer!

Really!! How to clean an iron?

I try not to iron, but after this I checked and even my iron needed a clean, and I only use it for the absolute necessary stuff.

You know, weddings and funerals, but for many families, ironing is a way of life. If your husband works in a corporate setting and wears collared shirts on a regular basis, then you may have a stack of ironing to do every time you do the washing.

When you are using your iron this frequently, you can expect a little wear and tear. Material may get stuck onto the iron and make it work less effectively. If this is the case, then it’s time to clean your iron.

Below is a quick guide on how:

how to clean an iron

1. Don’t Strike While the Iron is Hot


First and foremost, when you are cleaning an iron, you need to turn it off, unless you are dealing with a waxy substance on the bottom of the iron. Make sure the kids are not in sight when you are cleaning the iron as well as you will be working with powerful products, such as ammonia.

2. Oily Substances

If the residue on your iron is oily, then adding ammonia to a rag will do the trick. Rinse the iron off with water afterwards and the iron should be free of any oily residue.

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