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A well-designed outdoor area not only improves our mood and wellbeing, but it gives us space to relax and unwind.

Whether you are looking to carry out a total revamp of your outdoor area, or just a tweak, here are some tips on how you can make the most out of your outdoor area without spending a fortune.

Plant Pots and Containers:

Container gardening is fantastic.  It lets you grow plants where there is no soil – on a balcony, in a front yard, around a patio or even on a windowsill.  Container growing is flexible and helps make the most of your space.  You can change the look of your garden by simply shifting the pots around.  And with a bit of planning and some clever planting, you can produce a container garden for every season.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Area | Stay at Home Mum

Redesign Your Patio Area:

Much of our time outdoors is spent on the patio.  It’s where you sit and eat, entertain friends and family and just relax after a long day. If you really want to trasform your outdoor living space then consider adding some stylish, custom outdoor blinds. But the patio area is often neglected in favour of the flower beds.  Introduce a fragrant air, with some planters filled with herbs.  Not only will you enhance your eating area, but you’ll define your patio from the rest of the garden.

Renovate Your Boundaries:

Most of us have boundary fences.  They provide privacy, security and shade, and mark out the land that we call ours. But they are more than purely practical.  A good fence has the potential to add style and character to your garden, highlighting the plants and making the garden feel complete. You should treat the garden timber regularly.  Yes, it’s time-consuming and can feel like a chore, but rain and frost can easily penetrate the wood and cause rotting and splitting.  Treating your fence every couple of years will extend its life, saving you time and money in the long run. Plus it gives your garden a facelift, even on a budget.

Get a Greener Lawn:

Many of us long for a grassy green lawn!  But we often put up with a rough, weedy patchy mess instead.  However, you can create a gorgeous lawn by simply removing leaves and debris on a regular basis.  Mow your lawn often and you’ll keep your grass happy and healthy.  Treat weeds with spot weed killer.

Invest in a Shed:

Sheds are ideal for outdoor shelter and storing tools and equipment.  But they are often neglected and used as a dumping ground.  Make a real difference to your garden by tackling the shed.  After all, such a large structure can detract from a great garden if it looks dilapidated.  And overhauling your shed doesn’t have to be expensive.  a few tweaks and a lick of colourful paint can totally transfer it into an attractive garden feature.  Hang wooden hearts and signs on the walls and put up pretty insect hotels.  You can decorate around windows by buying false shutters and attaching them to the sides of the pane. And make it more like a summerhouse with soft furnishings.  Curtains and vases of dried flowers look stunning in windows, or add bunting and outdoor fairy lights to adorn the outside.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Area | Stay at Home Mum

Frame Your House:

So many of our front gardens are paved or concreted to accommodate vehicles.  But you can’t overestimate the effect of being greeted by a beautiful front garden when you get home.  Gardens lift our mood and make us feel happier.  Front gardens also give us a sense of pride in our homes and communities.  Make your front garden prettier and more functional – high ugly wheelie bins behind wooden screens and plant climbers to soften the look.  Window boxes and hanging baskets will throw a host of colours onto the front of your house.

Light the Way:

Outdoor lighting illuminates your garden when night falls.  It encourages you to spend time outside in an evening and can be used to highlight features and plants.  It also helps create a real atmosphere for entertaining.  There are loads of ways to light your garden, depending on your budget.  Solar lights are inexpensive, and don’t need any form of wiring as they simply stick into the soil.  Charging through the day, you can use these in pots to effortlessly illuminate plants and light pathways when dusk falls.  Adding electric lights gives you a stronger, more reliable illuminating option that works better at a distance from your house, to light up bigger features to create a dramatic backdrop.  A fire pit gives you a contained open fire that doesn’t leave an ugly charcoal spot on the lawn like a bonfire. These are great for adding a cosy, focal point to cluster friends and family after an alfresco dinner party or BBQ.

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