Making Your Home Healthier

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Making Your Home Healthier

Healthy living is not just about eating the right foods, getting the right amount of sleep and choosing the right activities. It is also about keeping a healthy home.

The air quality of your house will deeply impact your wellbeing and an unhealthy home can make your family sick and emotionally drained. Below are a few excellent ways to transform your home into a healthy haven of clean energy.

Cleaning for a Healthier Home

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Eliminate Mould and Moisture

Mould is a big problem in homes across Australia. It can cause health concerns and make your allergy symptoms even worse and many people are not even aware that there is a problem. Check your home for leaks and condensation and try to keep the rooms as dry as possible. To eliminate any findings of mould, check out some of our terrific mould removing posts!

Go Natural

Making the switch to natural cleaning products can also help you feel better in your home. And, it can certainly be a lot safer if the kids happen to get into the cleaning cupboard. Check the grocery store for natural cleaning solutions and stock the cupboard with baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice, all great for every day cleaning and disinfectants. For some great natural cleaning tips, click here! 

Focus on a Clean Bathroom

There is a lot of bad bacteria lurking in the bathrooms. Make it a habit of keeping the toilet lid down as soon as they flush to keep any faecal bacteria at bay. Give your shower curtain and shower head a good scrub once a week to get rid of moisture, dirt and soap as well as slime.

Live Dust and Dirt Free

Try to give your house a top to bottom clean every two weeks (it’s hard, we know!). Get the walls, the curtains, the windows, the ceiling fans, above the picture frames and everywhere else dust and dirt will settle.

For your Emotional Well Being


Declutter and Reorganize

A house that is too cluttered is going to cause you unwanted stress even if you don’t realise it. Try to have a place for everything so that at the end of the day, you can quickly tidy up without going to bed with laundry on the floor, dishes in the sink and toys in every corner. This can make you stress and sleep worse than if your house is organized before bed.

Stage your Home

Ever notice when you walk into an open house that there is a certain calmness and ambiance about it that makes you want to buy it? This is very much planned through proper staging. You don’t have to rearrange your furniture to get the perfect Feng Shui but you may want to invest in a couple of staging tactics to help give your home that little extra edge. Candles, vases with flowers, incense and potpourri placed in the right places can leave you feeling relaxed when you arrive home.


Can you suggest any other ways of giving your home a health check?


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