How To Organise Your Garage with a Garage Storage System

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How To Organise Your Garage with a Garage Storage System

I’ve gone crazy over storage solutions in the last 18 months! Between renovating my kitchen and other parts of our house I’m addicted!

Pantries, cupboards, containers, tubs, draws, you name I’ve been researching it!

It all got out of hand when covid hit and I couldn’t stand the shit piling up around our house. Especially with everyone in the place Every. Single. Day!

So, when the opportunity came up to do some freelance work for a garage storage solution business here in Melbs-town I jumped at the opportunity! And now I am totally addicted to garage storage too!

How To Organise Your Garage with a Garage Storage System | Stay At Home Mum

Full disclosure here, I still work for these guys and they invited me to have a GarageKing garage storage system installed in my own garage so I could from home creating the most amazing knock-you-damn-socks off storage solutions for everyone.

I started exactly where everyone starts on organizing their own garage and when through the whole process so I knew exactly what to expect and how it all worked.

The Full Monty!

A garage storage system like this can seem overwhelming and may look like a lot of work. But, I’ve done it now and I’m here to help make the process stress free and streamlined!

Let’s take a look at my full garage set up from beginning to end.

First up, a GarageKing design expert jumped on a call to establish the kind of storage system we needed. Then he headed over for a measure, design and quote on a customised storage solution to suit our life, interests and available space.

IMG 9894 | Stay at Home

He assessed our mess, clutter, lifestyle and our budget and did a comprehensive measure and design, guiding us through the entire project from start to finish.

He created a custom-designed garage storage system to clear the clutter and get us organised.

Once we decided on the number of cupboards we wanted, we set to work on perforated wall bays and shelving needs.

Next, our expert drew up a site measure worksheet and sent over the elevations to see which storage systems went where. We emailed back with a few changes, and then we were all set to go ahead!

It was a stress-free exercise, and now after it’s all said and done, we can’t believe how much storage space we have! I thought we’d fill this thing 3 times over! But because it utilises the walls – floor to ceiling – its deceptive how much it holds.

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The next step was to remove everything from our garage. And seriously, we had amassed a lot of stuff! And kept a lot of crap! And when I say crap, I mean crap!

Broken coffee grinders and coffee machines my husband kept for spare parts, for example, I still don’t think he has realised I tossed them! Seriously, why do we keep all this shit! And cables, OMG FMD! Two freaking giant tubs of cable from the last millennia that I don’t anyone would even be able to figure out what they came from!

I nearly tipped the whole lot of his side of the bed when he told me to keep them all just in case! Just in case what? Every fcking cable manufacturer goes out of business next year?

So, since we had to empty the place anyway, we embarked on a massive decluttering exercise and decided to epoxy the floor and paint the ceiling.

I even wrote a declutter eBook from this exercise and all of the research I’d done! Tips must be shared right!

One of the things I love about this metal wall storage system is its flexibility. You can have shelving on the wall from floor to ceiling like we’ve done here and still clip in hooks or holders between them to take advantage of every inch of your wall.  It keeps it all looking incredibly neat and organised too.

Our storage expert explained that because exposed brick is often uneven, he would need to baton out the walls rather than attach the posts directly to the bricks. This ensures a safe and level set-up.

Once he installed the posts, the panels, perforated wall bays and pier bays were attached. This is where things started to get exciting! It was really starting to take shape!

They level checked every bay and post to ensure they were, well, level! It didn’t help that our floor wasn’t level, but there are adjustable feet to help fix thing problem and these guys are so adept with a tape measure and level guide it didn’t take them too much longer to fix it all up that the system doesn’t look crocked. Thank god because that would have driven me bonkers!

How To Organise Your Garage with a Garage Storage System | Stay At Home Mum

As they finished installing our garage storage, they impressively cleaned each area. I didn’t need to sweep up a single thing after they finished our install – it was spotless! They even cleaned down all shelves and cupboard doors.

As well as customised storage to suit our lifestyle, they also customised our power point with a GPO surround. (Nope, I did not know what a GPO surround was 18 months agao, other than a post office in the CBD! And now that I’ve typed that I’m not even sure if that was right!) Now that’s attention to detail!

Although my old grotty power point stuck out like a sore thumb in our gleaming, sleek new garage, so I made my husband change it for a new one!

All in all, it was a seamless process that removed all the stress from creating our dream garage. I can see why people call these modular storage solutions ‘smart wall storage systems’.  They are actually pretty smart! And convenient!

I can rearrange these wall bays and adjust the shelving heights, add baskets, different hooks, holders and brackets, and that gives me confidence that this investment in the garage is one of the best things we have ever done. I know it will grow with our family and our interests.

The biggest thing to remember is to order enough accessories! That’s one thing that I looked back on once I started to organise our shit and put it away, we did not have enough accessories!

So I quickly put in an order for more wire baskets, hook of all shapes and sizes, and clip in holders. I love that I can just hook these things in anywhere and everywhere. I feel like my garage is a shop now!

But the icing on the cake is how much storage space we have now! It’s crazy – in the best possible way.

How To Organise Your Garage with a Garage Storage System | Stay At Home Mum

There is, however, one slight problem.

I can’t stop ordering and wanting more accessories! And matching tubs and containers! The containers are killing my bank account and me! I just can’t stop!

I just about bought out my local KMART of crystal clear acrylic tub and containers with lids and when Woolworths had Sistema storage containers half price I bought out every sine one in almost every single size! (shhhhhh don’t tell my husband!).

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