Stay Connected with Suzuki’s Infotainment SystemConnect your Smartphone with Suzuki's Infotainment System to access your phone, music and navigation.

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I have been a proud Ambassador for Suzuki Queensland for two years now, and just love Suzuki’s latest technology.

Being super busy is made easier with Suzuki’s 7” infotainment system with smartphone connectivity.

Suzuki’s infotainment system connects iPhones and Android phones via USB to allow you to have full access to your phone while you drive.

Features can be selected from the four main operating modes

  • Listen, Call, Drive, and Connect.
  • The Smartphone Linkage Display Audio works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto™, and Mirrorlink™.
Suzuki’s 7” infotainment system with smartphone connectivity.


Have you ever been in the car and suddenly remembered you need to call someone?  This happens to me all the time.

Or I suddenly have a brilliant idea and no way to write down notes…with Suzuki’s Infotainment System I can dictate notes via Siri, don’t worry if you have an Android phone you can use the ColorNote App to record your great ideas too. This means that the next billion-dollar idea will not be lost, Thanks so much, Suzuki!

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Having hands free connectivity that links with your touchscreen display means using your phone is a breeze…phone calls, music and more can be accessed easily.

Using Apple CarPlay in the New Suzuki Swift - YouTube

Having my iPhone connected to my Suzuki is perfect for a busy parent and businesswoman. it means I can get things done on the go without lifting a finger…All I need to say is, ‘Hey Siri call xxxx on mobile on speaker.

Suzuki allows you to be relaxed and have everything at your fingertips to have a safe and connected experience.

Plus, you can play your music from your phone simply by using Mirrorlink to access your music via the touchscreen display.

Mirrorlink™ lets various applications on your smartphone appear on the vehicle’s touchscreen display, allowing you to access your smartphone’s features.  This is so cool and an amazing feature I just LOVE!

Not only can you use the infotainment system for hands-free phone calls and music, but it can also be used for navigation by accessing Google Maps.  Plus, other Google services are at the driver’s fingertips in a non-distracting way.

I love having a navigation app at my fingertips… I’ve been told I have no direction (well I do direct people but not with maps) if I turn around twice, I am usually lost.  Google Maps is my saviour and one that I use all the time in my Suzuki.

I’m sure you will love how Suzuki has all your technology easily accessible and enjoy it as much as I do.