10 Easy Renovations To Add Value To Your Home

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10 Easy Renovations To Add Value To Your Home

Simple home renovations are the best way to add a lot of value to your home, particularly if you are about to sell.

If you are looking to sell your home in the next few months then you will most likely be listed in a competitive market. Housing prices are still on the decline and you could be in a losing market.

To give your house an edge and boost its curb appeal, consider doing some minor renovations. Renovations don’t have to cost a fortune if you do them yourself or if you shop around for the best quotes.

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1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Give your house a bright new look by splashing a coat of paint to the walls. You don’t have to change the colour keep it neutral, but a fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside will add value to your home. In fact, painting your house prior to selling it is one of the cheapest renos with the best reward.

Don’t stop at the walls paint the baseboards and the doors as well to give your house a brand-spanking new look.

Paint is one area you shouldn’t skimp on – choose good quality paint. Not only does it look better, it covers better too meaning you have less coats to do!

2. Replace Bathroom Fixtures

You know those old brass fixtures on your bathroom cabinets and sink? Give them a toss and replace these fixtures with stainless steel. A beautiful new stainless steel sink can add huge value to your kitchen. Replace the fixtures in your shower, your sink and anywhere else in your bathroom

3. Update the Door Handles

Make the switch to stainless steel door handles as well. They are quite cheap to buy and will modernize your home.

4. Update your Cabinet Handles

You may also look into adding stainless steel fixtures to your kitchen cabinets as well. Hit up Bunning’s to see the various designs that will match your current cabinets.

5. Replace your Curtains

If your curtains seem a little dull and outdated, consider buying new ones rather than paying the money to have your old ratty ones dry-cleaned. Or, make the switch to blinds. Timber Venetian blinds are modern and beautiful and will work with any interior. Make sure you check the various sales in your area as there are often sales on curtains and blinds for up to 80 per cent off! Bargain!

6. Power Wash Your Outdoor Areas

Hire a pressure washer and give your outside area a good wash. Get rid of the mould on your driveway and clean up the mud around the outside of your house.

7. Update your Sink

A brand new shiny stainless steel sink always makes a kitchen look new!

8. Consider a Fan Replacement

You can get ceiling fans installed for around $60 and they will make a huge difference to the overall feel of your home, especially if your current fans are quite rickety and outdated

9. Upgrade Your Light Switches

This is so simple and will make a huge difference. Your light switches on your wall are probably going a little yellow with use. So spend a few dollars and buy new shiny white ones. Then have an electrician replace them when he comes to do the fans. Bright new light fixtures really stand out, especially when you compare them to your old stained ones.

10. Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Rather than replacing a tired looking kitchen, just replace the kitchen doors with new ones! You can go to places like Bunnings or Ikea to get doors and all you need is a tradesman to install them!

The above home renovations will most likely cost you around $5,000 to $10,000. However, it can add around $25,000 to your property. And, when selling in a buyer’s market, this little bit of work can go a long way!

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