The Best Carpets For Homes With Young Children

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The Best Carpets For Homes With Young Children

Don’t we love our soft and sumptuous carpets when our teeny tots begin to roll over, crawl and even when they begin walking – or should I say teetering on their tootsies and taking a few tumbles along the way.

It’s a big YAAASS when our carpet is the thing saving us from the urge to put crash helmets and industrial strength personal protective equipment on the little ones as they precariously navigate their way through toddlerhood.

The Best Carpets For Homes With Young Children

But from toddlerhood to teens, when kids get messy, we’re cursing those same life-saving carpets and wishing the floorboard fairies would wave their wands in our house. Except in winter, when our floorboard-blessed friends visit our home and say our house feels so much cosier than theirs. And except when we have an ‘awwww’ moment as the kids lay sprawled on the comfy carpet building their latest Lego creation, or engrossed in a board game together.

Choosing flooring for homes with young children isn’t easy; there are pros and cons to all types of flooring. But the right carpet, or even strategically placed rugs, can provide both the cushioning we want in the tiny tot years, and the durability, resilience and easy maintenance we need as they grow into crumb-dropping, drink-spilling, dirt-carrying little treasures.

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When it comes to family-friendliness, flooring technology is our saviour, as we no longer need to compromise on comfort and visual appeal to have durable, easily cleaned carpets in homes with young kids. A quick trip to Carpet Court and we’ll find endless resilient and hardwearing, yet luxuriously stylish, carpets designed to withstand those tiny but relentless footprints left by the smallest people with the biggest presence in our households.

In fact, we might just walk right past these innovative carpets as we search for the ‘super tough’ carpet category mistaking their supremely soft and luxurious appearance for the carpets that child-free people would lay in their magazine-like homes.

Innovative manufacturing processes have created synthetic carpet fibres, which are also treated to be stain, soil, crush and fade resistant I kid you not. And seriously, they look amazing and are truly hard to tell apart from the luxurious pure wool carpets we dream of having. We know that supreme quality and durability is built into 100% wool carpets, and they are a great option if it suits the family budget.

If not, opt for the synthetic fibres such as Triexta or solution dyed nylon in resilient twist or loop piles. They’re easy to find, just search under the ‘high usage’ category on Carpet Court‘s website.

The other appealing aspect of these carpets is that spills are easy to clean if we get to them promptly because the treatments are designed to repel liquids and the looped and twisted pile types reduce the rate that particles can penetrate.

Of course if we have gorgeous but hard and slippery floorboards, which are not conducive to encouraging babies to roll, crawl and walk and kind of wish we had carpet (the grass and carpet is always greener”¦) then we can pave the way with large floor rugs from Carpet Court, made in the same durable yet soft synthetic or wool fibres as the latest carpets.CarpetCourt 3 | Stay at Home

Contemporary styles favour textures along with light, dark and neutral tones in carpets today, so if you really do have a messy brood then a textured pattern in a charcoal or mid-grey carpet will look super stylish and will also mask the worst of the dirt and debris until we can whip out the vacuum cleaner.

So, it seems we can have the best of both worlds when it comes to family-friendly flooring.

A chic and sophisticated family home is not an oxymoron – it’s perfectly doable with modern carpets made from durable fibres in carefully selected colours and designs.

The Best Carpets For Homes With Young Children

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