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If you are anything like me and spend hours on the internet each day, you may have come across a video compilation of really dirty stuff being cleaned with a pressure cleaner…

“What!?” I hear you ask incredulously. “Why would someone want to watch something being cleaned?

“Wouldn’t you rather watch videos of cats falling off couches or fail compilations?

The short answer is no. There is something satisfying and somewhat therapeutic about watching an item go from filthy black to sparkling clean under a powerful stream of water in mere seconds.


So of course this got me thinking…

What do I have around the house that needs a good clean, because I want to get in on this pressure cleaning goodness too (and film it as well for everyone’s viewing pleasure).

Enter the Kärcher Premium K4 Full Control Pressure Cleaner!

This machine is incredible, nothing like any other pressure cleaner that I’vseen. The standout feature is that there is no limit on what you are able to clean with it. Nothing is too tough or too delicate.

So, this means that I can clean my concrete driveway, the pavers around the pool, the cars, outdoor furniture and the windows all with the one cleaner.

Plus, it’s easy to pack up and take camping, boating, or dirt biking.

I admit I went a little crazy, wanting to clean everything in sight with my new toy.

First up was the driveway. We probably clean the driveway once a year (maybe every two) and the layers of gunk have really built up. It was crying out for a really good clean, so I turned the nozzle on and voila! Like magic the driveway turned from black to it’s original colour!

Next, I turned the power down a notch, added some detergent and decided to tackle the cars. Luckily there is a telescopic handle as I’m a bit of a shorty, so I struggle to clean the top of the vehicles! The dust and dirt from the car and the grease on the wheels slid right off with the suds and I was left with two cars looking like new again.

I was curious to try the more gentle settings, so I tested out the cleaning power on our bikes. I was expecting that the jet would be either too strong and knock the bike over, or the spray would be too weak to remove the mud and grease. I was proven wrong! The bikes cleaned up nicely, all ready to be ridden on the weekend.

I really thought that I’d be testing out just another pressure cleaner, but I was blown away (pardon the pun) with the Kärcher Premium K4 Full Control Pressure Cleaner and now my husband has seen it, I think I’ll have to fight him for it!

The Kärcher Premium K4 Full Control Pressure Cleaner is available from Bunnings nationwide for $499RRP.

In fact, this video could go viral!

Keep Cool Under Pressure!!!