Chefgood vs Youfoodz Comparison + Promo Codes

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Chefgood vs Youfoodz Comparison + Promo Codes

A Chefgood vs Youfoodz Comparison

So, recently I’ve trialed both Chefgood and Youfoodz! If you don’t know who these guys are, both Chefgood and Youfoodz are highly popular meal home delivery services! Well, *drum roll please!*, how do these meal delivery services compare against each other? Chefgood vs Youfoodz – who is the winner of the best meal delivery service? Here is what you need to know about both Chefgood and Youfoodz, decide for yourself which one is best for you!

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A bit About Chefgood:

Chefgood was originally created with the dreams of making nutritious and delicious meals that were convenient! Chefgood wanted to make it easier to make a healthy choice for customers! Each of their meals is made with locally sourced ingredients, and then created by the Chefgood chefs (qualified chefs)! Every single one of their meals is made with all-natural ingredients, with no added sugar! Chefgood have an amazing knowledgeable team, including professional chefs, nutritionists and other experts on board!

Chefgood Homepage | Stay at Home

A bit about Youfoodz: 

You may have seen Youfoodz products on your local supermarket shelves, or even in petrol stations. Youfoodz is passionate about providing delicious, nutritiously meals that are created with the paddock to plate in mind! They emphasise fresh food, not frozen. They have a massive range of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks available and they have been awarded best meal delivery service by Product Review for 3 years in a row!

Youfoodz Main Website | Stay at Home

Chefgood vs Youfoodz: Delivery


Chefgood offer delivery to your workplace or your home. Each delivery will come in ice packs, so if you aren’t home when your delivery arrives – the food won’t spoil. When you get your first delivery, you automatically opt into weekly deliveries, so if you have a busy life, you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about grocery shopping. Your order renews every Wednesday and you will receive your order between Saturday – Tuesday. You also get SMS reminders about your orders, so you can keep track of when your next delivery will be.

For me personally, I found that Chefgood would deliver to my area which being regional QLD, Lower Wonga was amazing as we are often outside most food delivery service area. Check your area >

Chefgood Delivery Area | Stay at Home



Youfoodz offer same-day delivery in popular areas, however, if you live in a more rural area, you may find that Youfoodz doesn’t deliver to you. Similar to Chefgood, Youfoodz also have the option to have a reoccurring order, however, with Youfoodz, you can do weekly, fortnightly or even monthly! Whatever suits you. There was limited information about the delivery on the Youfoodz website.

Screen Shot 2021 04 19 at 12.34.12 pm | Stay at Home

Winner: Chefgood! 

When it came to ordering online, Chefgood provided an easier process when it came to organising a delivery, I actually found when using Youfoodz the website would keep glitching and I couldn’t actually make an order. Youfoodz also doesn’t deliver to my area, but I can find their meals at our local petrol station if I did want some though. Chefgood has an easier process, especially with the SMS notification, making it a lot easier to keep track of where my delivery is and when to expect its arrival.

Chefgood vs Youfoodz: Cost


Chefgood has different meal bundles available to purchase online. There are 2 main bundles. One is Everyday and the other is Weight Loss. Under each bundle, you have the option of how many meals you would like, and the prices vary based on that.

Chefgood Bundles | Stay at Home


      • 5 meals – $59.50
      • 7 meals – $82.00
      • 10 meals – $115.00
      • 14 meals (7 lunches & 7 dinners) – $151.00
      • View Meals > 
Weight Loss
      • 5 meals – $57.50
      • 7 meals – $78.00
      • 10 meals – $109.00
      • 14 meals – $144.00
      • View Meals >

Speaking of Price: Use a Chefgood Promo Code below at checkout to better the prices.

$50 OFF
$50 OFF ($30 OFF your 1st order + $20 off your 2nd)
$50 OFF ($30 OFF your 1st order + $20 off your 2nd)
SAHM Exclusive: $50 OFF ($30 off your first order, $20 off your 2nd). Click "show code"...Show More
SAHM Exclusive: $50 OFF ($30 off your first order, $20 off your 2nd). Click "show code" then input code in by clicking the "Add Promo or Gift Voucher Code" in Order Summary below credit card details during checkout to apply. Show Less


Youfoodz doesn’t operate on a “meal plan” per se, you can simply just purchase the meals you like, and well as many as you would like. It’s quite simple! You also have the option to order meals in a bundle.

Youfoodz has 4 different bundle ranges, these include:

Each Youfoodz bundle is also customisable so you can tailor each bundle to your personal tastes.

Youfoodz - Meal Comparison

5 Day Weight Loss Plan – $153.04. This 5 Day Weight Loss Plan includes 5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners & 5 Snacks! Overall, considering how much we can spend on groceries at the supermarket. That is pretty good value for money! You can also choose to just order lunches, breakfasts or dinners. The price will automatically adjust based on how much you order. Check it out >

Bestsellers Bundle – $69.95. This bundle includes the most popular Youfoodz meals, so it’s bound to taste delicious. It includes 7 meals in total, ranging from Slow-cooked Lamb with Mash to Karaage Chicken Poke Bowl. Check it out >

Clean & Lean Bundle – $69.95. This meal bundle is designed to help keep you healthy from the inside out. With 7 or 9 different delicious healthy meals included. Check it out >

Muscle Builder Bundle – $76.65. This one is for the gym junkies! It includes 7 or 9 large meals, perfect if you are wanting to bulk up or live an active lifestyle. Check it out >

Youfoodz also have Zip Pay & Afterpay! You also link up your Velocity Frequent Flyer to Youfoodz for extra perks.

Winner: Youfoodz 

This one was really tricky to decide! Honestly, they both had great positives when it came to cost and have different models. However, Youfoodz offered more range when it came to their bundles, and some of these bundles were slightly cheaper than Chefgood.

Speaking of Price: Use a Youfoodz Promo Code below at checkout to better the prices.

Buy in Bulk
Grab 9 meals for $69
Grab 9 meals for $69
Grab 9 meals for $69. See website T&C's may apply.
Grab 9 meals for $69. See website T&C's may apply. Show Less

Chefgood vs Youfoodz: Product Range

What type of product range does Chefgood & Youfoodz have? Do they cater for different dietary requirements or what about the fussy eaters?


You can select from two different main meal plans – every day & weight loss with Chefgood. Under these main meal plans, you can select different dietary requirements such as:

    • Mainstream
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
    • No added gluten
    • No added dairy

Each meal has a 7-9 day shelf life, and snacks will last longer than that. All Chefgood meals are vacuum-sealed, so they are designed to have a longer shelf life. Please note that the raw salad ingredients will have a shorter shelf life

View the Chefgood Range >


Youfoodz has quite a large range of products, including snacks, drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinners. Within this range, you can also select from the following based on your dietary requirements:

    • No Gluten Added
    • Vegetarian
    • No Nuts Added
    • No Eggs Added
    • No Dairy Added

Youfoodz also lets you control how many calories you would like to have in each of your meals. This customisable search option makes it really easy to find meals that will fit your goal calorie intake.

Under the calorie selection, the following options were available:

    • Clean – meals that are 350 calories or under
    • Balanced – meals that are between 350 – 450 calories and snacks that are between 175 – 250 calories
    • Relaxed – meals that are over 450 calories and snacks that are over 250 calories
    • Custom – custom select how many calories you would like per meal

Chefgood vs Youfoodz

View the Youfoodz Range > 

Winner: Youfoodz

Youfoodz have such a large product range, they had to be the winner for sure! They have really set out to make sure that those with specific diets or calories can still achieve their goals while eating yummy food! I love the idea of the custom calorie selector, it makes it easy and simple! However Youfoodz lost points for not having vegan options, you would have to select Vegetarian and minus Eggs and Dairy to get s listing, Chefgood has that covered, however. Brings us to the next part of our comparison.

Chefgood vs Youfoodz: Special Dietary Comparison

How do Chefgood and Youfoodz compare when it comes to different dietary requirements? Especially Vegetarian and Vegan? A lot of people are on the hunt for convenient, healthy vegan-friendly meals. So, let’s see if either Youfoodz or Chefgood can deliver?

Chefgood vs Youfoodz: Vegetarian 

Whether you just don’t like the taste of meat (that’s me!) or you are a vegetarian, vegetarian meals can often be quite delicious and nutritious! They are a great addition to include in your meal delivery service. Which meal delivery will come out on top for vegetarian meals?


Chefgood had an amazing range when it came to their vegetarian meals, here are just some previews of what they have to offer and how many calories are in those meals.

Chefgood vs Youfoodz

In the 7 Lunch & & Dinner meal plan:

13 different lunch recipes including:

    • Chicken & Black Bean Burrito 483 Calories
    • Curried Vegetable Pie 453 Calories
    • Gnocchi Carbonara, Zucchini & Parmasen 482 Calories

17 different dinner recipes including:

    • Satay Tofu & Vegetable Stir-Fry Quinoa 483 Calories
    • Pumpkin, Blue Cheese & Sage Risotto 476 Calories
    • Ancient Grain Salad, Feta, Tahini Dressing 461 Calories

Vegetarian Breakfast Options:

    • Banana Bread 473 Calories
    • Veggie Scrambled Eggs, 8 Grain Toast 378 Calories
    • Chocolate & Peanut Butter Porridge 357 Calories
    • Smokey White Bean Shakshuka, 8 Grain Toast 340 Calories

Vegetarian Snack Options:

    • Mixed Berry Coconut Bite 116 Calories
    • Peanut Bubble Crunch 241 Calories
    • Seed & Grain Slice 354 Calories

View Chefgood Vegetarian Range >


So, Youfoodz vegetarian range was pretty limited. They have 5 meals on offer, these include:

Chefgood vs Youfoodz

    • Sun-dried Tomato & Mushroom Tortellini 475 Calories
    • Chickpea and Cashew Nut Curry 348 Calories
    • Ancient Grains Power Bowl 440 Calories
    • Loaded Lentil Lasanga 396 Calories
    • Egg-White Scramble & Brekkie Beans 262 Calories
    • View the range >

Vegetarian Breakfast Options:

    • Berry Tasted Granola 325 Calories
    • 4 Pakce Iced Coffee Shots 61 Calories
    • Cookies & Cream Twist Yoghurt 185 Calories
    • View the range >

Chefgood vs Youfoodz: Vegan

Vegan home meal deliveries are in high demand at the moment. Many people have turned towards a vegan lifestyle, but having the added convenience of prepared healthy meals is an extra bonus! So, how did Chefgood and Youfoodz compare when it comes to vegan-friendly meals?


In the 7 lunch and 7 dinner meal plan: the following was including

6 different lunch recipes including:

    • Vegan Mac & Cheese 376 calories
    • Toasted Hummus & Vegetable Wrap 350 calories
    • Italian Bean Salad 339 calories

5  different dinner recipes including:

    • Chickpea & Mushroom Patty, Freekah Salad 336 calories
    • Satay Tofu & Vegetable Stir Fry Quinoa 394 calories
    • Sweet Potato & Coconut Dhal Soup 354 calories

Vegan Snack Options:

    • 3 different types of protein balls including apricot delight, choc brownie and peanut butter
    • Mixed cajun nuts
    • Mixed Berry Coconut Bite

All the nutritional information for our meals is available on the live menu so be sure to read the ingredient list carefully before selecting your meals

View Chefgood Vegan Range >


Youfoodz had a very limited range of vegan meals, actually I only found 1!

    • Loaded lentil Lasagne – 396 calories

Winner: Chefgood!

This one was a pretty obvious winner, definitely Chefgood! So if you are looking for a meal delivery service that has vegan meals, have a look at Chefgood! Their range did have some variety, which was great! Vegan meals, as well as meal delivery friendly ones, can be hard to come by. It’s disappointing that Youfoodz doesn’t have more of a friendly vegan range, but maybe they are slowly working on it! Who knows!


It really depends on what you are looking for in a meal delivery service. Overall, I think that both Chefgood and Youfoodz have positives and negatives. If you are looking for vegan friendly options, I definitely recommend checking out Chefgood, but if you are looking for variety in meals, that can span through your entire day – I would recommend Youfoodz. Both are great, and can make like just a little bit easier.

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Want to give these meal delivery services a try? Check out the below promo codes:

Chefgood Promo Codes

$50 OFF
$50 OFF ($30 OFF your 1st order + $20 off your 2nd)
$50 OFF ($30 OFF your 1st order + $20 off your 2nd)
SAHM Exclusive: $50 OFF ($30 off your first order, $20 off your 2nd). Click "show code"...Show More
SAHM Exclusive: $50 OFF ($30 off your first order, $20 off your 2nd). Click "show code" then input code in by clicking the "Add Promo or Gift Voucher Code" in Order Summary below credit card details during checkout to apply. Show Less

Youfoodz Promo Codes

Buy in Bulk
Grab 9 meals for $69
Grab 9 meals for $69
Grab 9 meals for $69. See website T&C's may apply.
Grab 9 meals for $69. See website T&C's may apply. Show Less

Chefgood vs Youfoodz Comparison + Promo Codes | Stay at Home Mum

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