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The day starts out so promising. The sun is out; the kids have slept well; the world is our oyster. And today is the day that I am going to be on time, on track and on top of everything!

And then breakfast hits like a tornado and there is milk all over the floor. And then the toddler disappears for a few moments and she is quiet which means only one thing – she’s taken off her nappy and is hiding in her room having a poo on the floor.

And one sniff that way confirms my intuition is correct.

And then we’re late for school drop off; and the grocery shopping line is insane; and I forget half the items to cook dinner tonight; and the toddler makes more mess while I try to clean the place; and husband calls because he’s forgot his lunch; and through it all, I still need to find time to work, pick up my son from school and somehow, get dinner sorted.

By 5:00 I realise that, once again, the day has defeated me. The house is a mess; the kids are hungry and dirty; and dinner is the last thing I want to deal with.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Sure, some days I win and I get everything done and I have a beautiful meal cooked and ready for our 6:00 PM dinner time. Other days, like today, well…. I need a little extra push.

And this is where dish’d comes in.

dish'd pasta stuff

Delicious Food… Ready When You Are

dish’d is a new service we at SAHM just discovered and we had to share.  No, dish’d isn’t a completely free chef service but it’s the next best thing. It’s an affordable way to have delicious meals delivered to your door with options ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. For time poor parents like myself, dish’d provides me with a way to stay on top of dinner, even when I’m not.

Currently, dish’d delivers to metro Victoria and New South Wales. It includes next day delivery and the food is delivered straight to your door. We took advantage of the introductory $30 free plus delivery deal (when you spend $50). Prices start as low as $1.95 and there are fabulous chef special deals to take advantage of while you shop from the comfort of your home.

I don’t use dish’d every night. But it is a lifesaver on those days when life gets too busy. And, on those days when the kids are sick, when you have to work late, when there is nothing in the fridge, then dish’d is a godsend. It is also perfect for those days when you want to impress or want to add a little bit of fancy to your plate but without having to go out for dinner. We served up a dish’d meal for our wedding anniversary last month (as going out for dinner and finding a sitter was a little out of budget) and it was just lovely.

dish'd raspberry something

Meal Planning Made Easy

Making meals ahead of time and freezer cooking is one of my favourite things to do. I tend to do most of my cooking on weekends and then freeze the meals and pop them in the oven or microwave on the day I need them. dish’d is incredibly similar to this; however, you don’t have to do the meal preparation yourself. It’s done for you.

The quality of meals is quite unreal – and so they should be. They have been designed and created in partnership with Chef Jacques Reymond. I’d like to say that my family can’t even tell the difference between my frozen meals and dish’d meals, but that would be a lie. The difference is quite obvious. And I don’t even mind coming in second.

We’ve tried a few these past couple of weeks and our favourites have to be:

  • Seafood bouillabaisse
  • Mozzarella and pesto pizza
  • Thai vegetable green curry
  • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni
  • Beef fillet steaks

dish'd pasta

Entertain with Ease

The packaging clearly labels the important information like the nutritional data, the ingredients, the serving size and the cooking time. In most instances, all you need to do is heat and serve. The dishes range across multiple cuisines and provide a quick and easy way of serving up complete meals, desserts and appetizers when entertaining.

Having a few dish’d meals in the freezer has also been a godsend for entertaining purposes. I’ve always struggled when it comes to playgroup hosting duties but so far, the dishes we’ve tested out with my mummy’s group have been a huge success.

The kids have especially loved:

  • Vegetable and mushroom cones
  • Potato spun vegetable balls
  • The profiteroles

dish's veggie cones

Get Help in the Kitchen… Just in Case

Like many mums, I actually don’t mind cooking for my family. But doing it seven days a week is a little intense and some days, I really don’t want to end my day by making a mess in the kitchen when the rest of the house is already in disarray. So I turn the oven on, I pop in a dish’d meal, I pour a glass of wine and I head outside to watch my kids jump on the trampoline, go down the slip n slide or play soccer with the dog.

And sometimes I even join in.

Because, while cooking dinner is an important role of being a parent, it’s not a crime to get some help every now and again. dish’d is cheaper, healthier and tastier than takeaway and a perfect fit for my family.

Taste Test it for Yourselfdish'd clams

Take advantage of their special introductory offer and receive $30 and free delivery to spend at dish’d. Or… here is your chance to win a dish’d voucher for free! Simply tell us in the comments below “which dish’d meal are you most looking forward to trying” for your chance to win one of five dish’d vouchers. We will select a winner based on the best answer on 15 December 2014.

Win a $50 Voucher – Tell us in the comments below “which dish’d meal are you most looking forward to trying?” Check them out for yourself right here àt www.dishd.com.au

Good luck!

This post is sponsored by dish’d

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