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My Muscle Chef Review + Discount Code

My Muscle Chef is a meal delivery service that is all about helping you achieve your goals, no matter what body shape you are. They have over 50 high protein meals available online and you can also find some of their meals in your local supermarkets or petrol stations. It originally came from an idea of two brothers in Sydney who wanted quality nutritious food about a solid gym workout.

My Muscle Chef was created out of this idea, which now delivers over 1.6 million meals a month to over 4,500 suburbs all across Australia. My Muscle Chef strives to help people the healthiest lives possible, so instead of spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping, people can spend time doing what really matters!

Each My Muscle Chef meals is vacuum-sealed, which helps keep food fresh. These meals can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days in the fridge and even longer in the freezer. My Muscle Chef has a range of meals that really can suit anyone, including Keto, Vegan and Low-Calorie options.

My Muscle Chef Review: Meals

When you first look at their website, you can order specific meal plans through My Muscle Chef based on your health and fitness goals. These include:

  • Muscle Gain
  • Performance
  • Calorie Control

You can also order any of their meals individually, so if a specific meal plan isn’t what you are after, you can select the ones you like for around $9.95 each.

When you select one of the specific meal plans, you are asked a series of questions so they can provide you with the best-suited meals to achieve your goals. There are 3 different options for how many meals that you would like.

Check out their range of Meals >

My Muscle Chef Review: Ordering

Once you have gone through the process, the website is easy to use and see what you will be eating and when! Some of it looks seriously delicious too! All nutritional information is included so you can easily keep track of your calorie intake as well.

There are also 8 fixed set meal plans available; these range from 10 – 20 meal items that can suit a range of dietary needs. These sets make it very simple to order meals without worrying about any meal prep or grocery shopping.

Here are just a few:

Low Carb Pack (NEW)


This includes delicious meals (lamb, chicken and beef recipes) with less than 20 grams of carbs per meal. Perfect if you are on a keto or low carb diet!

Some of the meals included in this set are:

  • Chicken & Cauliflower Bake – 450 Calories
  • Naked Beef Fajitas – 350 Calories
  • Poached Barramundi with tomato, kaffir, lime & vegetables – 319 Calories
  • Check out the set >

Check out their range of Low Carb (Keto Friendly) Meals >

Vegan Booster Pack 


If you live a vegan lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yummy meals convenient as well! My Muscle Chef has 14 plant-based vegan options!

Some of the meals included in this set are:

  • Mexican Superfood Bowl – 395 Calories
  • Red Pesto Pasta with Hemp Seed & Vegetables – 501 Calories
  • Roasted Vegetable Lasagna – 400 Calories
  • Check out the set >
View All >

Check out their range of Vegan Meals >

Low-Calorie Shred Pack (NEW)


This fixed set is designed for people who want to lower their calorie intake, which is still getting adequate nutrition to be still healthy and happy.

It includes 16 meals; some of these meals included are:

  • Chicken Biryani – 397 Calories
  • Lemongrass Turkey with Cauliflower & Quinoa Rice – 378 Calories
  • Naked Beef Fajitas – 350 Calories
  • View the full set >

Check out their range of Low-Calorie Meals >

They also provide a range of different protein shakes, snacks and breakfast meals. These extras include protein shakes, protein bites and keto bars.

$20 OFF
$20 OFF Your First Order
$20 OFF Your First Order

My Muscle Chef Review: Delivery

If you order online, going through the check out is easy and simple. You can select a date and time and if you would like your delivery regularly. This includes weekly, fortnightly and monthly. The meals are placed in a box with ice packs to keep them cool. So you don’t even need to be home to collect your meals; they will stay fresh until you get home.

You can also use ZipPay with My Muscle Chef! Bonus!

My Muscle Chef Review: My Opinion

I’ve seen My Muscle Chef around the petrol station that I regularly go into. The meals look presented nicely, and I was looking for a more balanced nutritious meal to have while on the go. Many convenience meals will be very high in saturated fats and sodium, which in most cases MMC has thought of and is low in. The first product that I tried was actually one of the protein shakes, which I really enjoyed! I had just finished my F45 workout and was on the way home! It was yummy, and it also wasn’t too powdery either!

I’ve also tried a few of their meals! These meals are designed for those with fitness goals in mind, but they still taste good! The first one I tried was the Pesto Chicken with Penne Pasta & Green Vegetables. It was filling and tasted fresh! It also didn’t go sloppy as some meals can once you reheat them! I would definitely have it again!

Keep in mind that these meals, usually in-store, will cost around $10.00; they are still a great option to consider. I know I would reach for a My Muscle Chef meal over any others on the shelf in a “same for same” comparison. However, saying that, Youfoodz, Chef Good etc., and others have a different meal range, so I guess it comes down to what dish you’re in the mood for. I’m passionate about being active and put a lot of effort into keeping fit, so I am aware of what I am putting into my body in terms of food. These meals take the time and guesswork out of spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping, hoping that you weighed the chicken correctly.

My Muscle Chef Promo Code

$20 OFF
$20 OFF Your First Order
$20 OFF Your First Order

Check out My Muscle Chef & Buy Online >

My Muscle Chef Review + Discount Code | Stay at Home Mum

My Muscle Chef Review



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