30+ Nifty LEGO Storage Ideas

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30+ Nifty LEGO Storage Ideas

Today we will try to make every parent’s life less of a living hell.

There is absolutely NO guarantee that you wouldn’t get stabbed in the feet anymore but this can help your chances of safely walking around the house without stepping on a LEGO and..well you know what happens next.

So, here’s something you can do. Work with your child in creating an area for all the Legos to go in and to establish that area, you can create or copy any of these nifty lego storage ideas we found on the internet.

A storage for the Legos will keep your child’s room tidy, keep all of the bricks intact and keep your feet safe from harm that’s more deadly that stepping on a landmine.

If You Want Authentic Lego Storage

The only official Lego merchandise for Lego Storage is the infamous yellow Lego Storage Head.  My boys still have theirs – and it is an adorable Christmas Gift.  They are retailed at $29.99.

LEGO Storage Head Large 40321724

Sort Lego By Colour

I find sorting Lego by colour is the easiest for the kids to do and they learn how to identify colours, too! For drawers or storage boxes you can also label it. You can get drawers like these from Ikea.


Drawers or shelves

A trip to IKEA and you will find lots of storage or shelves options to store those Legos in.


Under The Bed or Couch

I wouldn’t say that this is the best option out there, because the bricks have a tendency to get scattered around since the storage is also on the floor, but it could be a winning solution if the kids will be helpful and easily toss it in this pull out under the couch or bed type of storage.


These ideas can double as a decor!

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Hanging Organiser

Organisers are used for all sorts of things: clothes, school supplies or sometimes food, but this one’s a fresh idea and awesome, too! Since it doesn’t take up much space.

Built In

Build a table with slots inside for the Legos to be put in.

Lego Organising and Storage 2 | Stay at Home


A Lego Room!!!

If you can afford or if the Lego collection in your house is incredibly massive, them perhaps a play room for Legos is the most sound way to sort it out!


Storage Bag

Probably the laziest way in this list but the fastest lol. Store it this way with a storage bag that can double as a playmat.

Do you have any more ideas on how to store those bloody Legos?30 Nifty LEGO Storage Ideas | Stay at Home

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