10 Decorating Cheats For A Stylish Home (Page 5)Cheap DIY home décor tips

9. Curtains

Instead of traditional curtain hooks to hang your curtains, try jute rope for a nifty twist and nautical look. Thread the rope through the curtain loop and tie onto the pole – as simple as that.

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10. Cosy cushions and throws

To instantly add a pop of colour to any space, cushions and throws are your best accessories. There is nothing wrong with playing it safe with whites and beige, but if you’re getting bolder in your colour choice, try a dash of red or orange to your bedroom with cushions without over committing. It’s an easy way to test how you feel about a colour. You can then add to it with a vase, bedhead or lampshade to tie it all in. Throws are also great for adding a splash of colour on the end of the bed and arm chairs.

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You will never know what looks good till you starting experimenting..

Happy decorating!

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