12 Items To Ditch From Your Wardrobe Now

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12 Items To Ditch From Your Wardrobe Now

There are certain things that are classic, timeless and show you have a style rather than being a fashion tragic or buying things on impulse. The problem with trends is that they pass and whipping them out for another season can instantly make you look dated or unhip.

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Here is our list of items to ditch from your wardrobe now

and keep yourself at the front of the fashion pack:

1. Neons 

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Brash colours, acidic yellows and lurid rainbows are being passed over for more classic primaries. Cobalt blue, a solid warm red, spring greens and beach-inspired neutrals seem to be taking over from the grey-and-yellow clash of the past few years. A lot more rosy and darker pink is being spied in the fashion shows and a shade can be found for most people!

2. Go Slow On Those Patterns!

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Chevrons have given way to more stripes, both the vertical and horizontal type. Don’t be afraid of them on your top or your bottom, but do practice some restraint and don’t stripe from top to toe!

3. Harem Pants

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Thankfully, the trend for wearing pants with no pockets, that still gave you huge saddlebag thighs and no bum to balance them out, are being replaced with wider leg, straight edge pants. Embrace them by pairing with a simple tshirt (white, if you’re brave!) and ironic shoes. Still great to use for beach trips or housework though, so perhaps put them in the “not in public” pile instead.

4. Jeans Are A Lot Less Extreme

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Moving away from the super skinny into more tailored, straight leg and even, dare I suggest it, back to bootleg. Waists are higher this year, less detail and more pockets, suggesting a more androgynous trend than simply calling them “boyfriend” jeans. Cast a careful eye over your current jeans and consider whether they’re going to work for this season too.

5. Tight Shirts

Skin tight t-shirts and super loose ones are being transformed into a more flattering silhouette, so try on all of your t-shirts and see which ones aren’t stretched, aren’t too boxy and still have another season in them.

6. Shoes

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Neat shoes seem to be the latest focal accessory. Accessories in general are fine, feminine and elegant so shoes that are beaten up, not waterproof or look scruffy need to go. If they’re a fabulous pair of leather shoes that you know you’ll wear, take them to a cobbler and ask how much to restore them. Otherwise, buy some in-season flats, a pair of sandals with strappy details and a new nail polish.

7. Cargo Pants

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With their loads of pockets, extra details and loose tassels – they need to go. The trends this summer are for clean, elegant lines with minimal detailing. Look for simple pants with complex patterns, rather than the neutral pants of previous seasons.

8. Skirts

Asymmetrical skirts, ones that are short at the front and long at the back, are a little bit 2013-2014-ish and really need to be tossed. They are making way for skirts with splits, crossovers and extreme patterning. Pleats as well are showing up a bit more but are pretty high-maintenance so for the SAHM may be more of a commitment than you want!

9. Cropped Tops And Shirts

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Cropped tops and shirts are still here but rather than looking like an accidental hot-wash has shrunk your favourite shirt, this season the hems are detailed, the sleeves are floaty and the colours solid.

10. Maxis

Maxi skirts and dresses just need a tweak. The best way to update it is to learn to wear it a slightly different way. Pull the skirt up under your shirt, near to the bottom of your breasts and then use a thin belt on your true waist to reshape your silhouette. Pair it with a top of the same tone, rather than a neutral.

11. Camouflage Print

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Camouflage print, regardless of whether it’s in khaki and green or an ironic pink, are darker, cleaner and no longer an excuse for badly tailored jackets or fluffy-eared hats. Camo print on an applique or in a scarf is a way to bring a little bit of it into your wardrobe!

12. Loud Patterns Are A No.

Big patterns are popular, big prints are back and some of our favourites such as pineapples, cats and ponies are easily found.

Even if you have things in your wardrobe from the last time they were in fashion, the cut, fabric and colours is unlikely to be what the designers of this season have in mind. Clothes never truly come “back” into fashion but rather are re imagined and recreated so ditch the denim overalls from the late 90s and instead go buy a pair of the new version.

Remember clothes are there to cover your body and to have fun with! Don’t be afraid to throw a My Little Pony or a moustache-print shirt into the mix.

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What’s your newest fashion trick for this summer?

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