16 Nifty Shoe Storage Ideas That Don’t Cost a BombI love my shoes, but I'd still go frugal when it comes to storing them. Don't blame me!

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You know that I’m willing to kill just for my shoes because you all know what they say about shoes, they make (or break) you. 

Based from experience, I always look at a person’s shoes first. Having a neat outfit is good, but I think having nice shoes that compliment what you’re wearing is better. Don’t judge me, that’s just how I roll. Bahaha!

So moving on, since shoes are the reason for my existence, so I need to make sure they’re always clean, safe and pampered. Lol, just like a baby!

Here are some nifty shoe storage ideas that don’t cost a bomb:


Shoes are always bulky and not easily hidden.  I adore this idea of keeping shoes in a blanket box.  It looks chic in a bedroom, is practical and can be any colour you like!

via industrystandarddesign.com
via industrystandarddesign.com

Having some difficulty storing (and keeping the shape!) of your heeled shoes? Take a trip to the hardware and grab one of these grid thingies they use for hanging things. Cheap and really effective for storing your gorgeous heels!



via burkatron.com
via burkatron.com



If you have multitudes of shoes like me, you might wanna utilise your walls for storing them.

via ikeahackers.net
via ikeahackers.net

If you’re a fan of colour coordinating like me, head to Woolies and grab some hanging storage stuff like these. Not exactly perfect for heels but it will nicely hold your sneakers.


via industrystandarddesign.com
via industrystandarddesign.com

If you don’t really permit people to bring their shoes inside your house, make them feel that their shoes are safe by letting them put it inside this classy, cheap basket!


STOP! It’s HAMMER time! See what I did there?

via craftriver.com
via craftriver.com



If you’re the outdoorsy type and you always climb mountains or dive the seas, save some of your paracord and fasten it on the bottom of a wall to store your shoes upright.


Got nothing to store your gardening boots in? Install some rods like these on your patio!

via Pinterest

Walls are really essential when your shoes seem to be a lot. Hahaha. This one is cool because it’s beside a window. Bye bye bacteria for your shoesies too!


If you have some shoes or flip flops that you’re not really using that much (but you don’t wanna throw them away), stow them inside these sturdy yet cheap plastic cabinets.


Or put ’em in corner cubby boxes.




Or stick some huge, painted PVC pipes in a corner wall because they make a great reservoir for shoes!


Also, you could pile up some wooden planks for a makeshift corner shoe rack.


If it’s summer, hang your winter boots using some cheap hangers with clamps. You could also store them inside a vacant cabinet.


I love this one! Purchase some cute chairs with a hollow inside and put your shoes in it!


Or go the traditional “shoes-under-the-bed” way but with a twist.


So fellow shoe-holics, which one of these are you willing to try?

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