6 Top Tips for Mumpreneurs and Small Business Owners

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6 Top Tips for Mumpreneurs and Small Business Owners

When you’re juggling tons of work as a mum, a wife, an employee, a businesswoman, just to name a few, and you don’t organise — then you’re bound to be a total mess.

Organisation is always the key to successful endeavours — whether it’s for your home, your family, your business and even for yourself.

While it might be easy as it sounds, the hardest part is actually how to get organising your home (and eventually your life) started. We think you should get stuck in and start TODAY!!

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We at SAHM are WAHMs too. We mostly work from home trying to keep and maintain the house and provide for our families as well. Some of us also have our small businesses. So, we’ve got tips for mumpreneurs and small business owners who want to maximise their time by decluttering so that no more time is wasted.

1. Plan as best as you can.

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They say by failing to plan, you’re planning to fail. Planning is everything when you’re a mumpreneur. Do your research about your product. Plan it well. Go ahead! But most importantly, stick to your plan. There might be challenges along the way but you can just tweak a bit, but don’t ever, ever give up.

2. Use your time when the kids are asleep or at daycare.

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Most mumpreneurs work at night when their kids are asleep. It’s actually an ideal time to go about your business since there will be less bothering by your kids, although the lack of sleep may stress you out a bit. So it’s important to take a rest when you can.

Other mumpreneurs who can’t afford to take duties for their businesses at night, prefer dropping off their kids to daycare and spend the next few hours working on their business. This is a good idea as well as it can help you focus on your work at hand while somebody is taking care of your kids.

3. Set up a command centre.

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Havin a command centre is perhaps the best way to organise your home, your business, and yourself as well. Designate a specific area in your house where you can access everything you need. Schedule everything that’s important, every client meeting, every transaction, every school meetings, just about everything — so you wouldn’t have to miss out on anything anymore.

4. Try working from a co-working space.

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For mums who find it hard to concentrate at home, with all the distractions, try working from a co-working space. Seeing like-minded entrepreneurs working as well can motivate you to do well as an entrepreneur.

Some co-working spaces also have childcare services, so you might want to find one near your area so you wouldn’t have to worry juggling your business and kids at the same time at home.

5. Time management

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This isn’t quite easy especially when you’re facing loads of paperworks while your kids demand for your time with them. But still, it is important to balance your time with your family and your business.

What you can do is when your kids try to bond with you, try to give a few minutes of your time and teach them how to be good entrepreneurs themselves. Then you can go back to your business and make them understand that it is equally important as spending time with them. This way, they can pick up life lessons from you, while you do your business. Winning!

6. Take care of yourself.

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Most importantly, nothing should ever make you take yourself for granted. Even with all the hustle and bustle of life and business, at the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself. Try to look after yourself so you don’t overwork and eventually burn out. Your body is your own investment. Working at night may rob you of some hours of sleep, but try to compensate in the morning and sleep as much as you can. Be concerned of your health. Eat regularly. Drink more water. Have some exercise when you can. Just do everything that will keep you sane. You can also treat yourself once in a while. The bottom line is, you need to value and love yourself. Keep a positive mind that everything will be okay.

6 Top Tips for Mum-Preneurs and Small Business Owners | Stay At Home Mum

What are your tips for mumpreneurs and small business owners? Share it with us!

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