Organised Or Messy: Which One Are You?

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Organised Or Messy: Which One Are You?

Good news to all messy mums and lazy ass teenagers! You’re not branded as messy and lazy anymore, you’ve now been labelled imaginative, creative and bold!

So there, all you formulaic and predictable people where everything is neatly tidied up and every sense of your being is to maintain order.

If your house is the inside of a jumble sale 24/7 or you’re one of those messy people who are downright lazy to the bone. Heads up, you are now creative and free to inspire us on your disorderly environment. According to Eric Abrahamson, author of A Perfect Mess, “mess isn’t necessarily the absence of order”.

“A messy desk can be a highly effective prioritising and accessing system. On a messy desk, the more important, urgent work tends to stay close by and near the top of the clutter, while the safely ignorable stuff tends to get buried to the bottom or near the back, which makes perfect sense”.

There you have it, words spoken from a Professor”¦ mess is good. .uk | Stay at Home

Mums, it’s ok to have a messy house too. Not sure how creative you’re being by not doing the dishes or leaving the washing to pile up higher than your toddlers’ building blocks, however, if you’ve given up trying to keep the house clean, you’re not alone, we are all in the same situation.

While some of us would like to be organised, on time and sh*t together, life is just not like that. And no matter how hard we try, we are who we are. It’s nature, not nurture that makes us slobs/untidy/disorganised humans. Messiness is a trait that we’re born with, not a habit that’s developed. However, I do think it stems from our parents and how we grew up too. My mum was not a cleaner, tidy, but not clean. Today, I like a clean house, however not necessarily a tidy one.

Is being organised really always best?

To a degree, yes. I’m in between; I’m neither messy nor organised. So yeah, being organised is nice, but what does it really achieve and why should we care if we are? Why should we care about productivity at all? Does it even matter? If I don’t do something today, well, no, big deal, I can do it tomorrow. Being well-organised is for boring uptight perfectionists. Or is it?

Not being disorganised and unproductive does matter. Being organised actually has a great impact on how we live our lives in virtually every area — health, family, career, money and friends. It gives us a sense of well-being and overall sense of happiness.

So, here are the things that will happen when you become organised.

1. No more stress! | Stay at Home

Stress is not just about hectic work days, it’s about everyday life. For example, your messy, ugly décor house could be causing you stress (best to update it quick sticks). If you’re stressed, you won’t sleep well at night and you don’t eat well, if at all, which can lead to high blood pressure, ulcers and god forbid, a heart attack.

2. Your boss will see you in a new light. | Stay at Home

He will possibly even give you a promotion because you will become one of the most valuable employees and so indispensable to your company, you will never get fired. In fact, you will get a raise!

3. You will have good close friends. | Stay at Home

You no longer spend hours at work because you are so organised you have more time for your family and you’re able to maintain healthy fulfilling relationships. Amen to that! | Stay at Home

But, there are always two sides to an argument. Here are the things that will happen when you’re messy.

1. You will have an adventurous life.

It’s fair to say if you’re messy, you’re quite possibly adventurous and adaptable in life and have better things to do than check off your list of things to do.


2. You’ll live your life “meaningfully”.

You’re more concerned with filling the limited amount of time allocated to you on earth with meaningful tasks rather than tedious jobs like cleaning, filing or running a mop over the floors.


3. Living a messy life is actually living simply.

There’s a simplicity in living in a messy life and I’m sure there is a big part in all of us who would love to be like that. They don’t give a sh*t and that is liberating.


When I’m 80, I don’t want to be remembered as being a neat freak and organised. So I say let’s embrace the mess”¦from time to time, life is not organised and planned out for us, it’s hard, messy, heart breaking and everything else in between, so let’s grab it by the balls and swing. After all, people do achieve greatness in spite of their messiness.

So, are you organised or messy?

Organised Or Messy: Which One Are You? | Stay at Home Mum

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