Quick Tips To Create A Better Home Office

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Quick Tips To Create A Better Home Office

So you have a brilliant ‘work from home’ idea but you don’t know where to start. The first step is to make sure you create a practical workspace that will allow you to have all the necessary resources at your fingertips as well as give you an opportunity to work without interruption.

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Champagne or Beer?

Before you launch into designing a state of the art home office that will bust the bank- take a hard look at your current financial situation. There’s no point picking out your new computer, scanner, photocopier or home printer if you have $100 to spend.

Instead, begin by working out how much can you afford to invest without reducing your grocery budget down to bread and milk only for the next few months! Once you have that figure in mind, determine what the ‘must haves’ will be to make your business operational.

With your list of ‘must haves’ in mind, take a look at the equipment and facilities you already own and might be able to use in your business for the time being- you can always upgrade these down the track when you’ve started earning enough money.

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At this point you are ready to spend a little money! But make sure they are DEFINITELY ‘must haves’ only. Depending upon your budget- you may want to consider purchasing items second hand. Sites such as Ebay can be an excellent place to source equipment that while classified as ‘used’- are still in excellent condition and so will give you alot of reliability and plenty of mileage.

Make It Inviting.

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As you’re going to be spending alot of time in your home office, it’s important to make it feel comfortable and inviting. While the extent to which you explore this idea may be limited by your budget, there’s still alot of things you can do on the cheap to achieve an inviting home office.

Think about what makes you feel motivated and positive? What themes could you use to keep your motivation levels running high that are also related to your business? For example, you may love the colour blue or perhaps more earthy tones; why not paint your walls and/or desk in those colours? You can also make simple and cheap additions such as an attractive desk lamp or one of your favourite prints to hang on the wall.

The Comfort Factor

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The other important factor about making your home office inviting is that you make it comfortable! There’s not much point in having an ultra trendy looking desk chair if it’s going to cause you aches and pains every time you sit in it for more than a minute. So it’s important to think practical before pretty when selecting your office furniture.

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No matter what your budget, every home office set up needs to be done with minimalism in mind- in other words- don’t start with alot of clutter in your work area. It’s important in the initial set up to provide yourself with as much space as possible, if you begin with a crowded environment you will have no where that to spread out and get your work done.

Do you have a home office?

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How did you set yours out?

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