Get Decluttered! Part 1

For most people, clutter feels like chaos. De-cluttering your home can actually save you money, as you find new uses for things and space and usually discover a few items you can re-use or sell, and makes you feel more organised. With spring cleaning season just around the corner,we have found some of the best tips around to help you get decluttered at your place.

Manual Download

When buying electronics, once you are certain you are definitely keeping your new appliance, download the manual and store it in the cloud of your choice. You can then throw away the paper manual that came with the product.

Try to use the rule of 5

Every time you clean a room, remove 5 things that either need to be thrown out, recycled, don’t belong in that room or don’t have a place. Don’t step over that random object lying in the middle of the floor anymore, pick it up and find it a home.

Bags off the floor

Hang your bags in the wardrobe with shower curtain hooks, they take up much less space than coat hangers. The now hanging bags are also a great place to store things with no home like scarves, wallets, belts etc.

No more lost remotes

Grab some Velcro and attach the remote controls to the side of the tv, coffee table or couch. If you’re not into Velcro, a caddy that hangs over the arm of the couch is ideal (provided you don’t let it get filled with junk).

Get Decluttered! Part 1

Lose your foot rest

Utilise the under desk space. Instead of just resting your feet on the lower shelf, use it for baskets or boxes for storage.

Who doesn’t need more toy storage?

Using a small bookcase and some bungee type cords, make a stuffed animal pen for the kids room. Bungee cords vertically through the top and bottom of the front of the bookcase spaced a few inches apart make a great place to store stuffed toys; they can be stacked the entire height of the bookcase in any old fashion and the cords will hold them in place every time.

Does your fridge or freezer (or both) desperately need a clean?

On a hot day, turn the aircon off and get right in there in the cold. It will almost be a treat and having a clean and organized fridge and freezer means less wastage.

Declutter your closet and be brutal,

No more sentiment and no more hoarding. If you haven’t worn it in 12 months, it is ripped, stained or otherwise damaged, it doesn’t fit and hasn’t for a long time or you wouldn’t buy it if you saw it in a shop today then it is time for it to go!

Tame and control cords to make your home safer and neater.

Old socks with the toes cut off are great for vertical hanging cords like the ones behind the tv unit, you can also tape cords together or to the floor or use cable ties to hold them together. If you can’t remember which is which it is a great idea to label them. Bread tags are great for this, you can write on them then clip them to the appropriate cord.

Crap storage

Use compartmentalized boxes for storing little things you have lots of in several different sizes or varieties. Great for batteries, the kids hair accessories, sewing or craft bits or any of that random crap all over your desk (paperclips, sharkclips, pushpins, staples etc).

Declutter Your Facebook Feed

If facebook seems to have become a random list of junk you don’t care about and game requests you shudder to see every day then it’s time to declutter your facebook feed. When you see posts from things you couldn’t care less about, hover over them with your mouse and click “hide all from…” Also try making friend lists and only follow your close friends, because in all honesty do we really care about some friend of a friend’s grandma’s dog’s puppies?

Linen lovers

To keep your linen together in sets, try folding up sheets and putting them inside the matching pillowcases.

Do you have any more tips for de-cluttering? Keep an eye out for our next instalment to Get Decluttered!

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