How Long Should You Keep Important Documents?Conquer the paper mess!

Getting rid of your documents

How you get rid of your personal documents is your choice, mine is to burn. Not everyone has a shredder…everyone has a bbq. If you don’t, you leave yourself wide open for thieves and scammers to go through your bins, find account numbers and other sensitive information for credit card use and empty bank accounts.

How Long Should You Keep Important Documents? | Stay At Home Mum


To keep all your important documents in one safe place, it’s wise to invest in some sort of home filing system that is easy to get to, find and manage the mass of family papers you have acquired along the way of life. No need for fancy filing cabinets or a business corner, a simple filing folder can be kept in any room of the house. File all your bills and information in alphabetical order for quick easy access.

How Long Should You Keep Important Documents? | Stay At Home Mum

Or you can ditch the paper, go green and save it to a cloud. That strange space where you can magically save everything into thin air. If you’re not tech savvy (and you don’t have to be), “The Cloud” is simply a trendy name for a network that can be accessed via the internet where you can manage all your information.How Long Should You Keep Important Documents? | Stay At Home Mum

In other words, it’s a place other than your computer that you can use to store stuff. Failing that, swap your bank, electricity, finance and whatever other stuff you can for e-statements and everything is kept online. The cloud is extremely convenient. However, I would recommend keeping hard copies of the seven-year or forever documents (just in case). Hacking is all around these days and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Record-keeping of all your important documents is a painful process and a bit of a hassle, but an essential one nonetheless. With a little bit of time and organisation and the check list above you can get your paper mess into an organised system.

How do you organise your documents?

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