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How to Fold T-Shirts

I’m on a bit of a YouTube odyssey at the moment – especially with organisational videos. At one point in my Youtube journey, I stumbled upon a video on how to fold t-shirts. It may sound too simple and even mundane, but tell me, who doesn’t fold their t-shirts? T-shirts can be hard to fold, and tell me, don’t you agree that improperly folded shirts is one factor that makes our entire cupboards look messy?

I learned how to fold t-shirts from this video by Alejandra Costello. I really love this lady; she has some really terrific videos on organising that are simple and easy! Let’s watch this:

Looking at this video again, I am tempted to check our entire wardrobe and fold all of our shirts correctly and more prettily! Did you learn a lot, too? What are your tips and tricks on how to fold t-shirts?

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