How to Organise The Fridge So You Can Find What You Need!

Let’s face it – nobody likes organising a fridge.

It takes a lot of time, it’s messy, and it’s just not very much fun. Quite often I’ll find some puddles of vegetables in the bottom and a half eaten somethings in the back so I avoid it.

However, a well-organised fridge not only saves space – it can also save you money! If your fridge is organised, you run less of a risk of having food pushed to the back and forgotten about, at least until you can start to smell it.

Instead of wasting all that food, use these tips to keep your fridge space used to its maximum efficiency!

How to Organise The Fridge So You Can Find What You Need!

1. Put the larger items in the back

Keep the larger, more easily visible items at the back of the shelves so they don’t block the smaller items. There’s nothing worse than reaching for a bottle of milk, only to find that it was blocking 3 week expired cheese from view.

When my fridge isn’t full, I usually pull everything up to the front as much as possible. That way I don’t accidentally forget about something small back in the corner.

2. Keep the Condiments on the Door

This goes for anything you use frequently. Condiments like salad dressings, mayonnaise, or mustard have a pretty high turnover rate in my household, along with butter, yoghurt, and eggs.

I keep these on the door so that I don’t have to juggle all those little bottles around when I want something behind them on the shelf.That’s more likely to end up in a mess than anything else. Yes they say that this is the hottest part of the fridge – but if you have a high turnover – it doesn’t matter so much.

If you enjoy eggs but don’t go through them quickly, keep them in their original carton in the body of the fridge – they last longer that way!


3.  Keep similar items in the same place

Another great tip is to keep all the similar items in the fridge in the same place. That way your inventory is easier to manage. I keep all the dairy products like cheese, philly cheese, yogurt and cream on the very top shelf.

I can see them instantly when I open the fridge and always know I must use them before they go bad…. if  dairy gets put back in the wrong place, I know I’ll be removing a science experiment at a later date!

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