Organise Your Home Organise Your Life

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Does the dream of organising your house inspire you, but the thought actually doing it fill you with dread….  Here’s the deal:  clutter = time wasting!!!

It is really easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of organsing – it can be a really big job.  But, once done – you life will be a whole lot less chaotic, you will save money, and best of all – you will save precious time.

The best way to start organising your home is one room at a time. See if you can dedicate even one hour per day to the organising of your home.

If even that is too overwhelming – try one corner at a time.  Your bedroom is a good place to start – it is a place of haven and somewhere to retire at night – so the last thing you will see before sleep is your wonderfully organised bedroom.

Identify the problem areas – is your wardrobe more of a floordrobe…. put clothes away, fold them up, put the dirty clothes in the laundry and fold the clean clothes and put them away.

Once that’s done – be ruthless in getting rid of items you don’t wear.  If you haven’t worn it in a year (make that two years if you’ve been recently pregnant) – give it away to someone who will appreciate it or donate it the Salvation Army.

Make sure your socks are in pairs – give your odd socks to the local kindy or daycare centre.  Get rid of undies that don’t fit anymore, or bra’s that have lost their underwire.

Once your done – spend a few minutes every day keeping that area tidy – once your organise it should take you next to no time.  Clutter is like a pair of rabbits – it multiplies swiftly!

Another hint is to keep everything together.  Do you do your paperwork in the kitchen?  Move your filing cabinet to your pantry and keep everything together – you are more likely to keep areas clutter free if you store items where you work.  Do you read on the loo – keep a basket nearby and keep all your reading material together.

What are your organising hints?

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