Printing Photos of Your Kids? Here’s How To Do It Right!

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  • Printing Photos of Your Kids? Here’s How To Do It Right!

Even if you weren’t an enthusiastic photographer in your pre-parenting life, we’ll bet you soon became one when your first baby arrived.

We all take thousands of photos in those first parenting years, and there are always some priceless treasures among them. But often our best pictures are left languishing away deep in our PC storage.

The older your kids get, the more difficult it becomes to keep your digital archives in good order. That’s why many parents are going back to the old ways and getting physical prints of their pictures. If that sounds like something that would suit your family, here’s a concise guide taking you through the whole process from A to Z!

1. Choose the Photos

Chances are you already have loads of photos of your kids – if so, choosing which ones to print can be daunting. Follow our guidelines to help you pick the best shots:

  • Don’t limit yourself to professional photoshoots. The best photos of kids tend to be the most spontaneous ones, so there’s every chance that a casual picture taken with your smartphone will work better than any posed portrait.
  • Ask your kids what photos they’d like to see printed. Younger kids and teens alike can be quite picky when it comes to photos they’re featured in!
  • Finally, think about where the prints will be displayed – an entertaining space or a more private family area? Match the colour palette of the photos with the dominant colours and general atmosphere of the room.

It’s a good idea to pick around 10-20 great photos for your shortlist, then narrow the list down further to get your top favourites.

2. Choose the Printing Technique

Thanks to modern printing technologies, these days you can get your photos printed on a wide range of base materials. Two ever-popular options are canvas prints and traditional framed photos – but will they work for photos of your kids? Here’s what the photo experts say.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are having a moment right now, and for good reason – they represent a fresh, unfussy way to display photos of all kinds. Thanks to their traditional charm and simple lines, canvas prints are perfect for photos of babies and toddlers. Portraits of young children usually focus on facial features, and the fine-grained canvas texture gives the prints a soft, tender quality. What’s more, custom canvas prints come in a variety of formats and sizes, perfect for creating a gallery wall with a collection of your favourite pics.

Framed Photos

A framed picture is an evergreen home decor option – classic, but with a contemporary twist.

Printing services usually offer framed photos with designer extras like a glass cover and stylish framing mat (or “passe-partout”). Little details like these can transform your photos into timeless prints fit for a gallery. We recommend framed photos for professional portraits as well as photos from the big occasions – weddings, graduation etc.

So canvas prints and framed pictures are the most popular options – but these days there are many other photo substrates available. You can get your pictures printed on photo board, metal, even on photo tiles – and these exciting options are more affordable than ever before. Your main challenge is finding the right provider.


3. Choose a Reliable Provider

Your choice of print provider is crucial if you want the best results.

Most of us can’t afford top-end prices, so we need to find a company that combines great quality with bargain prices.

One great source for custom photo prints is – their streamlined production process means they’re free to cut costs without compromising on quality.

The photo printing specialists at are convinced that any photo can become a unique work of art. That’s why they take photo customisation seriously – letting you choose not just the print medium itself, but also a range of frame options and design features. The collection of photo products at includes wall decor and lifestyle accessories too – there are more than 10 different products to choose from.

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