Surviving Manic Mondays for Mums

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Surviving Manic Mondays for Mums

Mondays are busy for Mums.

Sometimes we wish Mondays would have that weekend feel but then we wake up! Mondays are frantically draining all our already-used up energy, whether it’s getting the hubby off to work, getting the kids ready for school, or just another day at home recovering from the weekend (that’s me!).  Mondays for me look a bit like this:


Washing status 


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There are about six different piles in the middle of my laundry waiting for their turn in the machine. That’s the fun bit – I only wash if there is sun today (check), and a bit of wind around (check check).  Rain throws the whole schedule out of whack – I insist all Mondays be sunny so the kids can get outside and the washing gets dry! Hahaha! I’ll let you know how that turns out….

Baking status

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We are out of biscuits and my family are threatening mutiny.  So, I must schedule baking in between the washing, folding, mopping etc.

Children status:



Kids are always cranky after a weekend – they are tired and usually have a bit of trouble re-adjusting to the new routine of the week (especially little kids). If it’s sunny and you have a nice secure yard – send them outside to wear themselves out.  Mondays in my house mean that Mummy is busy and kids either find their own fun or help Mum out!

An important tip in surviving manic Mondays for mums is  never leave the house on Mondays – it’s preparation day.  I change the sheets, vacuum and wash the floors, get the baking and washing done, get the clothes laid out for the week.  It’s a hard work day and I’m always pooped at the end – but it always makes for an easier week.  I highly recommend scheduling one day a week to get all the crap stuff done (let’s face it – housework is NOT fun!). Because then there is time to schedule in some fun – and fun is especially important to a Stay At Home Mum – because there’s not always a lot of it and the monotony of the work can really get to you. Share your thoughts in surviving manic mondays for mum.

How does your Monday look?

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