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While ants are not the most dangerous insect that can wreak havoc in your home, they are certainly one of the most annoying.

Ants have an amazing sense of smell and taste and when there is food out, they will find it. In fact, one ant usually leads to thousands, if not millions, in a matter of hours. You need to work fast to get rid of these efficient little workers for good. Here’s how:

1. Think Like an Ant

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The first task when it comes to getting rid of ants is to start in the kitchen and think like an ant. Anywhere there is food, an ant will soon follow. Take the time to buy containers to store food that has already been opened and to always clean up the crumbs and the mess in your kitchen ASAP.

2. Feed the Kids, Not the Ants 

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When it comes to your children and meal time, you may feel like you are following them around with a vacuum cleaner just to pick up their cookie, cracker and cake crumbs. Take the time to do a quick sweep every evening before bed to stop the ant invasion. Or, buy a dog – they are great vacuums! Make sure you sweep up the kitchen area every night before going to bed to get even the slightest crumbs that ants seem to seek out.

3. Limit Meal Time to a Certain Place

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Furthermore, try to limit meal time to a certain place in the house, such as at the kitchen table. Or, even better, set up a picnic table outside on the grass where they can enjoy their morning and afternoon snacks.

4. Wipe all Containers

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In addition to buying containers and sealing everything off, you should also wipe down all your containers and jars, especially things like peanut butter, honey and jam. If you do not want to use disinfectant to clean the area, then you can use vinegar which works just as well without the chemicals in the air.


5. Take The Rubbish Out of the House

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Furthermore, take the rubbish out of the house and into the main bin at least once a day to prevent ants and other insects from trying to get into your garage bin.

6. Use Natural Ant Repellents

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Of course, ants still have a way of coming into the house looking for food, even if there is nothing there. An easy method to stop these ants in their tracks is to use a spray bottle filled with soapy water. This is the safest method to get rid of the ants for good. You can also add citrus peels or mint oil which are also known to repel ants.

7. Use Defensive Barriers

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Defensive barriers also work wonders in getting rid of ants for good. What these do is scare the ants into coming into your home. In the same way a scare crow is supposed to stop birds from eating your crop, barrier methods are supposed to scare ants away. There are several tried and approved barriers to consider from turmeric to cinnamon, from citrus oil to Vaseline.

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via xsopedia.wordpress.com

These are some of the more natural ways of getting rid of ants. Keep in mind that you will not be able to simply clean your kitchen once and expect the ants to stay away (unless you have some sort of magical potion that keeps your children from spilling and your home crumb-free and if so, then can we please have it?). You need to be diligent about it and make sweeping part of your daily routine. Fighting away ants is a constant battle. If there is food out, then they will come back.

How do you prevent ants from invading your house?


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