11 Brilliant Facts About Border Collies

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They’re highly gifted from head to paw. With startling wit, intimidating stare and hyperactive nature, who could refuse a border collie? 

An intelligent, agile and a speedy dog, there’s always room for new things when you’re living with a border collie. Everyday is an adventure with this remarkably smart tail-wagger. If you’re trying to figure out if you have what it takes to own one, read on these 11 facts about these amazing dog athletes, Border Collies.

1. What’s in a name?

Their name was derived from the place where they are bred – just within the BORDER of Scotland and England. Collie is a Scottish gaelic term which means useful. You’ll be amazed how useful they could be in your life.

2. Number #1 Smartest dog in the Planet

I bet you believe your pet is the smartest, but in the book “Intelligence of Dogs”, Border Collies rank as the most intelligent breed in the doggy world. They know how to do simple maths and even have an amazing understanding of vocabulary!

Behold and be amazed with Chaser the Border Collie who knows a thousand English words. Among the words he know are chimpanzee, clock, zombie, waddle and the like.chaser

3.Seer dog

They can be your adorable furr-tune teller!

They don’t do this for a living but mind you they have human-like instincts which enable them to anticipate what their owners are going to ask for them.

4. The Stare1385325676002-GAN-TALKING-DOG-112413-3via

Intelligence makes them great with various types of jobs like shepherding.  These dogs are so committed to get the job done that they employ their intimidating “STARE” to get those sheep into line. Believe me, it’s more than a gift that makes them effective sheep herders.  These dogs could make a good platoon leader.

5. A  World Record Holder



There are many things that these wonder dogs can do. You’ll be amazed to know that they have made their way  to Guinness Book of World Records.

Striker, a border collie from Hungary holds one of the more interesting Guinness World Records: “Fastest car window opened by a dog.”  It only took 11.34 seconds for this mutt to wind down a non- electric car window using his paw and nose for 11.34 seconds in September 2004 in Quebec, Canada.

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