Keeping Your Pets off the Furniture

Furniture can cost a small fortune. And this is why you want to keep it looking as clean and new for as long as possible. When you have kids, this can seem like the impossible feat and it is made even more unattainable if you have a dog or cat.

The thing about pets is that they have a mind of their own. Both cats and dogs are quite territorial and also quite stubborn. When they find something they like, they will probably have a hard time giving that thing up. And this includes a comfy spot on your couch. The good news about having your pet lounging in your bed, on your couch and even on the table is that he feels comfortable enough in the house to do so; the bad news, however, is that this can cause a lot of unwanted mess and lead to complications down the road.

So how do you keep your pets off your furniture? There are a few simple ways to do so.

Find a new spot

The first thing you need to do is give them an alternative place to be. When the family is all relaxing in front of the television at night, it is only natural that your dog will want to join in as well. If you don’t want your pets to be on your furniture then give them another place to lie. A good idea is to put down a nice cosy pet pillow that will be their place. Make sure it is close enough to the rest of the family, such as beside the sofa, so that they can still be a part of the family and still feel connected. Putting the dog bed in the laundry room and making him sleep in there is going to make your poor pet feel unloved. Let him know that he is still part of the family, even if he isn’t allowed to lie on the couch.

Keeping Animals Off Your FurnitureChoose a comfortable alternative

Any soft oversized pillow is going to make a comfortable place for your cat or dog to lie. Another good option is to invest in a child’s fold out couch for your pet. Your children probably love these little couches but they also make a great place for your dog or cat to lie as well. Have one for your son, one for your daughter and one for the dog. You can even look for one that comes with a clever pattern such as 101 Dalmatians on them.

Set ground rules

In addition to having a place for your pets to relax, you also need to be firm in letting them know where they can and cannot lay. Your cat or dog will probably still try to take up residence on the bed, on the couch and anywhere else in the house. However, constantly telling them ‘no’ and pulling them back into their own pillow will help them to learn.

Think of the task much like the task of keeping your kids in their own beds at night. Most likely they will try to sneak into your bed at least once a week. This is how dogs and cats will operate as well – they want the comfort of the warm bed or the warm couch where they can be close to their masters. While you cannot use a reward or sticker chart with a pet, you can be consistent. Keeping your pets off the furniture requires patience and practice; but, hey, you’re a parent and already an expert at this, right?

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